NYC Mayor’s Office Launches New Location Intelligence Dashboard to Predict and Resolve Issues Faster

Built by Vizzuality on the CARTO platform, inter-agency dashboard deployed to pre-empt and predict problems while improving quality of life in New York City.

Online PR News – 07-January-2017 – New York, NY – NEW YORK, USA 09 DECEMBER 2016 -- CARTO, the leader in Location Intelligence, today announced that the Mayor’s Office has deployed a new location intelligence solution for data-driven decision making across city agencies. The data dashboard is one of New York City’s largest urban infrastructure projects, and the announcement is a milestone for location intelligence, data collection, and data visualization. It also signifies its unique operational model’s capability to produce a major technological development, with potential implications for cities worldwide.

“Using location intelligence platforms enables the Mayor’s Office of Operations to generate actionable dashboards to manage NYC more efficiently; building on our robust performance management and data collection pra ctices to offer a better service to our citizens,” said James Perazzo, NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations.

The dashboard is designed to support City Hall staffers in their decision making process when analyzing thematic, temporal, and spatial dimensions in city data. The dashboard rests on top of New York City’s open data collection, and includes datasets from government agencies such as the New York Police Department, Department of Transportation, and the City’s central data platform. The data is explored through a series of individual indicators, statistical measures on current conditions and data trends, to allow for prioritization and organization of resources. Indicators provide a high-level overview across multiple sectors, while highlighting specific areas of interest.
Included in the dashboard are features that allow for officials to set-up notifications at various indicator thresholds and send indicators to other City employees instantaneously. Other features include temporal graphs to denote trends for city and borough level measurements in individual performance indicators.

The City’s data is collated in near real-time by CARTO’s back-end and geospatial database. Data synchronization capabilities implement directly into a secure CARTO platform, which then associates the geospatial database to the front-end dashboard.


CARTO leads the world of location intelligence, empowering any organization and individual to discover and predict key insights through location data and then makes it available to their organization or the general public in the form of location intelligence apps. The apps, built by developers or data analyst using CARTO’s self-service platform, help optimize processes, predict situations, and overall improve performance by leveraging location data.

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The Mayor's Office of Operations works to make a government of 44 agencies and 327,793 employees more effective, efficient, and coordinated in carrying out its day-to-day business. It also works to ensure City government endeavors to increase equity, and is accessible to the 8 million residents the City serves.

Operations accomplishes this by monitoring the performance of all City agencies, servicing a research hub for the Mayor’s Office as well as for the wider city, tracking customer service satisfaction at the agency level, and coordinating internal and external audits conducted by both governmental and non-governmental entities.