Irritable Bowel Syndrome Breakthrough Provides Natural Relief

Ingredients from nature provide relief from IBS, stomach bloating, gas & constipation without medication.

Online PR News – 22-November-2010 – – Patients with irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, have a breakthrough treatment option to consider. These individuals suffer from poor digestion, leading to uncomfortable and embarrassing problems like gas, constipation, diarrhea and bloating. Often the traditional line of treatment prescribed involves drugs to cover up the symptoms, but nothing to treat the cause of the condition. Rezvera, a breakthrough all-natural treatment, provides an alternative that addresses the underlying cause of the condition.

One of the top reasons people suffer from a poor digestive system is a problem with their digestive enzymes. Enzymes are present in the digestive tract and in our food, but our modern American diet strips our bodies of many of them. Cooking foods at high temperatures destroys the enzymes, and without them, our body cannot digest food properly, leading to the symptoms of IBS.

RezVera helps these symptoms by providing the body with these essential digestive enzymes. It contains three main ingredients: 18 digestive enzymes, aloe vera and resveratol. The digestive enzymes replenish those that would normally enter the body through the diet. When asked about this, a company spokesperson said, “We chose these natural digestive enzymes because they are the ones that are lost while cooking food. A proper balance of these enzymes helps prevent the symptoms of IBS.”

The aloe vera in RezVera contains 75 nutrients, including digestive amino acids and enzymes, that aid in digestion. Resveratrol, which is found in red wine, lowers cholesterol levels, increases cardiovascular health and aids in digestion.

Patients struggling with IBS often worry about the damage they cause to their sensitive digestive systems by taking medications. When asked about potential side effects, a RezVera spokesperson said, “The ingredients in RezVera are 100 percent natural. They have been tested as safe and effective. Unlike traditional medications, these ingredients come from food and nature itself, so you do not have to fear further damage to your digestive system.”

For those struggling with the embarrassing effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, RezVera provides a safe, all-natural solution that treats the underlying cause of their poor digestion, rather than just masking the symptoms. IBS sufferers report positive changes in their digestion within 30 days.

About RezVera

RezVera is an all-natural treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome that promotes digestion and overall health. It contains digestive enzymes, aloe vera and resveratol. To find out more about RezVera or to order a 30-day supply, visit