Digital Innovations Takes the Next Evolutionary Step in Spray Bottle Packaging Design

Our revolutionary, patent-pending packaging design provides built-in cloth storage and drying vents for the ultimate convenience in household cleaning.

Online PR News – 07-October-2009 – – Arlington Heights, Illinois – October 5, 2009 – Digital Innovations, a leader in consumer electronics care and maintenance products, is announcing the release of the CleanDr® LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaning Kit. This new offering complements the existing family of CleanDr products with its UltraClear II™ Streak-Free Solution and its state-of-the-art packaging design.

Advanced Screens Require Delicate Care
Whether the screen is on your TV, cell phone, laptop, GPS or any of the myriad of other devices that have become a part of day-to-day life, high-end screens have delicate coatings that require special care and are highly prone to damage from scratches, smudging and clouding caused by the use of common household cleaners containing alcohol, ammonia or harsh detergents. The cleaning and drying compounds in UltraClear II work at the molecular level for improved dust, dirt and oil removal with a safe, glare-free finish. UltraClear II is environmentally safe and contains no ammonia or alcohol.

High-Tech Household Cleaning Convenience
With the introduction of the CleanDr® LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaning Kit, Digital Innovations’ has applied the same standards of excellence in innovation to packaging development as it does to product development. The patent-pending bottle design offers a convenient, self-contained storage solution for the non-abrasive, machine washable microfiber cloth. The sleek, piano black cap is topped off with a swirl of drying vents that allow the electric blue microfiber cloth to peek through. The cap has been engineered to accelerate the enclosed cloth’s drying time and to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. “That’s what’s cool about this package. The self-contained unit keeps the cloth protected and your cleaning cabinet organized. I want all of my household solutions to be this tidy!” says Kara Lineal, Director of Marketing.

The new CleanDr bottle draws design inspiration from the sleek looking electronics that it serves to clean. The combination of practical functionality polished off with a sharp designer look make it a cleaning product that consumers aren’t ashamed to let sit on the shelf of a home entertainment center. Digital Innovations’ CleanDr LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaning Kit is available online and in retail stores nationwide for $19.99. Visit for more information.