Penny Auction Sites Review Adds Summary of Recently Ended Auctions for Reader's Reference

Penny Auction Sites Review adds auction history to help potential bidders in making decision of choice of site and time to participate.

Online PR News – 26-November-2010 – – Penny Auction Sites Review (PASR, hereafter) adds recent penny auction results for potential bidders' reference. The company has been watching out for consumers' interest in popular and legitimate penny auction sites. Penny auction interest has been surging recently on the Internet. PASR is concerned about the abilities of sites in surviving competition as survival of sites is directly related to the sites ability to fulfill orders.

Since there are wide selection of penny auction sites on the Internet, PASR is committed to helping consumers to make the best choice. Other than the legitimacy of the sites, an important factor in making a good decision is the fact that the site has the items you are looking for. Potential bidders need to find out if the site offers items of interest particularly because participating in these auctions requires purchase of bids prior to auction events.

PASR believes adding summaries of auction history is beneficial to its readers. The addition of recent history of penny auctions also provides potential bidders with information about how usually a particular item is auctioned off. Potential participants can save time in observing individual auction events for information such as best time for participating an event, likely final bids, how long an auction often lasts, etc. Observation helps to increase the likelihood of success in winning the auctions.

Here is a short summary of recently ended penny auctions:

iPhone 4 32GB: $3.79, lasted 42 minutes, end time: 11/20 13:53:15
iPad 16GB: $0.84, lasted 11 minutes, end time: 11/21 09:18:17
iPad 16GB: $212.17, lasted 44 hours, end time: 11/21 05:55:16
iPad 16GB: $3.33, lasted 39 minutes, end time: 11/20 15:53:00
iMac 21.5″: $111.93, lasted 23 hours, end time: 11/21 11:43:43
MacBook Air: $62.13, lasted 12 hours, end time: 11/21 22:55:10
MacBook Air: $25.52, lasted 5 hours, end time: 11/20 19:36:06
MacBook Air: $94.37, lasted 20 hours, end time: 11/20 11:31:13
Call of Duty Black Op PS3: $0.10, lasted 2 minutes, end time: 11/21 15:04:10
Call of Duty Black Op PS3: $0.94, lasted 14 minutes, end time: 11/21 03:16:55
Call of Duty Black Op xBox: $0.44, lasted 6 minutes, end time: 11/21 12:51:27
Call of Duty Black Op xBox: $2.43, lasted 31 minutes, end time: 11/20 17:39:39

Penny Auction Sites Review has been working hard to bring readers the most precise reviews of legitimate penny auction sites including detailed comparison of site rules that readers can take advantages of.

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