CVO Platform Release 1.3 Unveils Leantegra Proximity Marketing Sandbox Application

CVO Platform Release 1.3 introduces fine-grained BLE Location Tag Analytics, new features in Android and iOS SDK, Predictive Analytics and more.

Online PR News – 06-January-2017 – New York, USA - 5, January, 2017 – Leantegra Inc., an IoT company developing software and hardware products for foot traffic engagement and analysis, announced today the CVO Platform Release 1.3.

The principal CVO Platform improvements include:

BLE Location Tag Analytics, based on WiBeat BLE tags that can be attached to either shopping carts or other in-store assets, enables fine-grained location data insights. The following metrics are supported: Visitor / Passersby, Location Popularity, Average Dwell Time.

Proximity Zone Customization provides a capability to configure the BLE Proximity Zones (Immediate and Near) with custom values (distances) for optimal performance in project-specific environments.

Mobile SDK for Android and iOS offers new features for campaigns, proximity zones and beacon configuration.
Predictive Analytics provides the airport Operations with actual Pass Times in the specific areas, and predicts passenger Wait Times in these zones.

WiBeat BLE New Version supports all Eddystone frames, including Eddystone-URL, UID, TLM, EID and eTLM, and a calibrated Tx power feature, which allows to customize the way how each WiBeat device calculates the distance to a smartphone separately.

Campaign Replication allows a CVO Portal admin to create several campaign templates, configure targeting rules and time frames. Once the existing campaign terminates, a user can easily replicate it.

RTLS Black List Feature provides an opportunity to add a certain MAC address (inherent to a specific smart device) to the Black List in case if it fails to meet a certain condition.

Leantegra Sandbox App

Leantegra introduces a new proximity marketing Sandbox Application as part of the CVO Platform Release 1.3. The application provides tools for potential customers and Demo Kit owners to thoroughly evaluate the specific iBeacon and Eddystone marketing scenarios in testing environment. The application is currently available for download from Google Play (soon to be published on Apple Store).

The application is also used for configuring and monitoring the beacon network via BLE interface (e.g. changing Eddystone or RF transmission parameters).

About Leantegra Inc.

Leantegra is an IoT company developing software and hardware products for consumer foot traffic engagement and analysis.

The Leantegra products combine location-based advertising (Proximity Marketing) and indoor positioning (Real-Time Location System or RTLS), supported by a capability to process, manage and analyze the collected data (Location Analytics).

Having proven to be a good fit for multiple industries and applications, our company has customers and partners located in USA, Israel, UK and Ukraine with innovative turnkey projects in Retail, Aviation, Entertainment, Smart City and Smart Parking spheres.

Currently the Leantegra team comprises 48 staff members and representatives working in Kyiv, New York, Sunnyvale (CA), Tel Aviv and Copenhagen offices.


Sales contact: Ariel Wolfe
Press and Marketing contact: Olga Rusnak