BroadNet churns out mobile app monetization revenues by over 100% over the past few years

Broadnet , Mobile App Monetization is today a big sensation among the businesspersons from different walks of life.

Online PR News – 06-January-2017 – Business Bay/Dubai – Mobile App Monetization is today a big sensation among the businesspersons from different walks of life. And if you are looking to monetize your app, we at BroadNet Technologies can help you very well in churning out big bucks for you. Before we embark on the undertaking, we will first analyze your current app performance as well as engagement indicators to resolve the existing restrictions of monetization. Canvassing your competitors’ results and mapping it on your historical app usage data enables us to give an overview of unyielding guideline for churning out revenues.

Based on your basic goals and the type of products, we come into play by carrying out a hard-hitting campaign and delivering quantifiable results within your means.

The strategies we use for mobile app monetization:

- Analyzing the key mobile metrics and the changeover goals of your app

- Analyzing the consumer path and planning out the conversion channel

- Analyzing the app user engagement indicators by both quantitative (data mining) and qualitative strategies (surveying/interviewing users)

- Gauging the existing monetization gimmicks and defining user lifetime value (LTV)

- Evaluating the app user interface and user experience

- Perfecting the set of recommended marketing gimmicks to enhance ARPU/ARPPU

- Implementing and testing specific marketing gimmicks

- Choosing and zooming the highest performing monetization channels and gimmicks

"When it comes to monetizing the app of our clients, we have been carrying out the same for several years using ads. We are very happy and excited to give the statement that our results have impressed our clients very much. Giving a 100%+ increase in revenues to our clients, we at BroadNet Technologies have become our major platform for monetization today." Said Rabih Farah, CEO, and Founder of BroadNet Technologies.

Our team is excited to assist you in creating and leveraging cutting-edge ad formats, including native ads to step up revenue and user engagement.

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