Education Directory Shows Significant Increase in International Students in the U.S.

W3Education, an online education directory for college students and professionals seeking to advance their learning

Online PR News – 06-January-2017 – Castagnola, Ticino – W3Education, an online education directory for college students and professionals seeking to advance their learning, has revealed that the number of foreign students seeking to study in the United States has increased. In 2015, there were over one million international students who arrived in the country for higher education.

In California, 5 major schools welcomed the foreign students. UCLA hosted 11,513 students while USC hosted 13,340 international students. University of California in San Diego as well as the Irvine and Berkeley campuses also welcomed them.

It was also noted that many of these foreign students who decided to study in America enrolled in prestigious Business Schools. Some were fortunate to qualify for study grants but majority sought financial resources independently.

The number of international students in the Golden State alone was nearly 11% higher than the preceding academic year.

The Institute of International Education’s senior counselor Peggy Blumenthal said that the higher education network in California is massive and the presence of strong public and private universities in the state are the main factors that contribute to its appeal amongst foreign students.

It is the aim of W3Education to help students find the right match for them in terms of the kind of institution they should apply to, what programs to enroll in and even help them find employment opportunities after graduation.

The organization offers a School Directory which students can use as a guide in matching their current interests, aspirations and goals; whether it is in the Arts, Engineering Business or Communications.

Interested individuals will find plenty of helpful information on their website. Their school directory is very comprehensive, and they can even point you towards the best institutions should you wish to study online.

Janine Lorenzo, who recently enrolled in an online Business program offered by Maryville University, said that she is very satisfied with the help she obtained from W3Education.

“As a career person living in Southeast Asia, it was difficult for me to apply to different schools in the United States. I didn’t have a lot of time to figure out what requirements are needed or if I even qualify for their programs. I’m very thankful that I found W3Education because they made the whole process so much easier,” she said.

Another student, an engineer from India, Prakesh Singh, agrees. “It took me 2 months doing research but I still wasn’t confident about the information I gathered. Finally, a friend recommended W3Education and after just two weeks, I was able to send my application to several schools.”

Currently, China holds the highest number of students to the United States, followed by India and Saudi Arabia.To learn more, visit