Release of Lava Kusa

The most awaited animation feature from our studios which took 3 years in the making and 5 Million Dollars is ready for release

Online PR News – 07-October-2009 – – Lava Kusa - The Warrior Twins a prestigious 2D animation film is a Joint venture of RVML animation and The Kanipakam creations. Creative Director and Producer Rayudu V. Sashank has revealed the details and specialities of the animation movie which is going to hit the big screens soon.

This is a prestigious animation movie ever made with a huge budget of Rs. 25 crores and has taken 3 years to complete. This movie undoubtedly will stand as a land mark in Indian animation sector zooming Indian animation industry to international standards.

Ramayana is a mesmerizing epic. Lava and Kusa symbolize the valor of Rama and endurance of Sita are admired by millions of devotees for ages. Lava and Kusa have opposed Rama their father who was the cause of Sita’s plight are known well for their courage and bravery. RVML has taken this interesting part of the epic to transform it in to a lively animation legend. Giving a shape to the thought , RVML and The Kanipakam creations
has announced the production in 2006. It has taken 1 year to prepare a perfect script. Animation of the script was undertaken by efficient animators and has taken two years to complete. 300 Animators have worked on this project in RVML studios located in Hyderabad and Philippines for a lively out
come of this movie.

At present this movie is being made in Hindi, English and Telugu
versions. It will be dubbed in to Tamil, Oriya, Bengali and other Indian languages later. RVML Animation has developed the Concept, Script and Screen play and the movie was directed by veteran Director Sri Dhavala Sathyam. Telugu dialogues are written by Swami Satyanada, Hindi dialogues by Dharmesh Tiwari and English dialogues by Dr. M.V.R. Raghunatha Rao.

Famous Lyricist Veturi has written Telugu lyrics for this movie. Hindi lyrics were written by Kiran Mishra and Dharmesh Tiwari. Veteran composer Sri L. Vaidyanathan, who has composed music for famous TV serial 'Malgudi days' and Movie 'Pushpaka vimanam' has composed music to this movie.The fusion of classical and western music will make spectators spell bound.

5 songs composed for this movies are unique and are apt to the
situation. The song of Valmiki sung in praise of Rama was immortalized in the voice of K.J. Yesudas. The epic of Ramayna sung by Lava Kusas in the court of Rama enthrall every one vocalized by Sadhana Sargam and Chitra.

The sunderakanda situation and the Song in praise of Hanuman sung by Sankar Mahadevan in a style unmatched. Every song in this movie is a master piece in its own kind are enriched
by captivating lyrics and tunes are visualized to the heights to enthrall spectators elevating their moods. Every scene in this movie has an under current message. Kids will be
mesmerized seeing visual effects in this movie. Situational songs with a classic touch will attract elders. This is not just a movie for kids.

The movie has universal appeal to captivate one and all. The movie is now under going Rerecording and dubbing is bound to
release Audio in November and is going to hit big screens in December 2009.

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