Ecosmob Technologies Announced To Offer Custom SBC Solution

Ecosmob Technologies announced about their service of custom solution development for SBC solution.

Online PR News – 05-January-2017 – Arlington, Texas – Ecosmob Technologies is a well known name in the VoIP industry. The company has been offering a whole range of VoIP solutions for more than 9 years. The company has been serving its local and international clients with their client centric approach. Recently, representative of Ecosmob Technologies announced about their latest offering. The company offers custom Session Border Controller Software development services. The clients can select the number of features they would like to integrate in their SBC solution. The solution will be developed in FreeSWITCH technology.

The Session Border Controller solution is one of the important parts of any VoIP network. It is used to secure the VoIP network which is near to impossible to safeguard using any other mechanism such as a firewall. The Session Border Controller can have multiple features. Some of the key features of an SBC Solution are listed below:
Session level security for VoIP network
Traffic Policing
NAT (Network Address Traversal)
Topology hiding
Signal encryption
SIP normalization
SIP message manipulation
SIP header manipulation
Protocol translations between SIP, SIP-I, H.323
IPv4 to IPv6 interworking
Call admission control
Rate limiting
VPN connectivity
Selective Resource allocation
Lawful interception
DTMF relay and interworking
Support for Data and fax interworking
Media transcoding
Tones and announcements
Support for voice and video call
And many more

“Earlier Session Border Controller solution was used only to safeguard the VoIP network from external attacks and malicious activities of hackers. However, the modern SBC solution offers a wider range of features and functionality than ever before. Along with the security, it also offers additional features which can be used for enhancing the performance of the system.”, stated representative of Ecosmob Technologies.

The Session Border Controller can prevent the VoIP network from known VoIP attacks, namely, DoS (Denial of Service), DDoS (Destructive Denial of Service), toll fraud, etc. The Session Border Controller solution works on the session level. Thus, it offers the highest level of security. It checks each packet entering the network at the initiation of the session. If it qualifies, then only it will be allowed to enter the network or will get discarded. The same applies to each packet or signal leaving the VoIP network. Moreover, the Session Border Controller solution can hide the network topology which will consolidate the network security as this mechanism will make it difficult to breach the network.

The Session Border Controller solution can have simple security features, or advanced features. Ecosmob Technologies will develop a custom SBC solution with the features required by the client. They have announced to offer this solution development using FreeSWITCH technology as this technology is more scalable and reliable compared to its counterpart. To know more about SBC solution offered by the company, visit