Corsican Villas Improves Streets and Property Values with European Style Interlocking Pavers

On December 4th, 2016, Farley Pavers broke ground on the 86,734 square foot Corsican Villas community improvement project

Online PR News – 05-January-2017 – Palm Desert, CA – With the community's asphalt lifespan reaching its end, the Corsican Villas Board Members needed to evaluate replacement options. After a thorough lifecycle cost analysis, the board chose to resurface the community's entry, private residential streets, and driveways with interlocking pavers.

"Our lifecycle cost analysis showed that interlocking pavers would pay back in ten year's time with the added benefit of elevating the look and bringing a warmth to the community that can't be matched with asphalt," said Wayne Hatzenbiler, member of the Corsican Villas HOA board.

According to a local study of Bighorn Golf Club by reserve fund consultant Robert Tuvell, interlocking pavers are less expensive than asphalt when comparing lifecycle costs.

Farley Interlocking Pavingstones, the company contracted to perform the job, worked with the board to create a custom blend Belgard paver called "Corsican Blend," designed to blend with and pick up the natural shades of the community's environment.

"We create unique color blends that make older communities look more vibrant without looking obnoxious. We can blend a color that blends with beige buildings and terracotta roofs so that it looks more architecturally current and more expensive," said Charissa Farley, CEO of Farley Interlocking Pavingstones.

"Communities like Bighorn that have interlocking paver streets have set the standards for all communities -- including older communities seeking to become more architecturally fresh and relevant," said Farley.

Farley has done over 1,000,000 square feet of streets and municipal areas throughout Southern California and according to a study by CSU San Marcos, is one of the 5 largest paving companies in the region. Charissa Farley is currently the only woman certified to teach the Advanced Residential Installation course in the country.

Farley broke ground on the project on December 4th, 2016 with a tear out of shared driveways, including center gutters, and installing pavers. Replacing driveways with interlocking pavers not only extends the lifecycle cost and elevates appearance outside the home, but also reduces asphalt drag into garages. Interlocking pavers never crack and can be reinstated for repairs or replaces for stains.

According to area real estate agent professional Jenel Fontes who was called upon to address the board, installing interlocking pavers will increase property values.

In the final stages of the project, Farley will tear out and replace the existing front entry at Vista Del Sol and replaced with the new custom Corsican Blend pavers. The project will commence in mid-March.

About Farley Interlocking Pavingstones
Farley Interlocking Pavingstones is a five-time National Concrete Award winner in the Residential Pre-Cast Category. The company and its team hold a wide variety of certifications, designations, licenses and awards. Led by award winning business leader, Charissa Farley, Farley Pavers is the only nationally certified company in the Coachella Valley specializing exclusively in interlocking pavers. Farley Pavers boasts the only showroom in Southern California dedicated exclusively to interlocking pavers.

About Corsican Villas
Corsican Villas is a well maintained, low-density gated community located minutes from shopping and dining on Beautiful El Paseo. The complex with its 130 units offers four pools, two tennis courts, two jacuzzis, and a clubhouse on 10 acres of land.

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