Foreclosure Specialist and TV Expert Dean Wegner Authors ‘Life After Foreclosure’ Helping Millions of Homeowners Face Their Fears, Survive Foreclosure and Rebuild Their Lives

Online PR News – 22-November-2010 – – Scottsdale, Arizona— with banks having seized a record 288,345 homes through foreclosure in the third quarter of this year, Scottsdale Publishing and Dean Wegner announce the release of Life After Foreclosure, walking millions of Americans through the toughest challenges when faced with foreclosure—and beyond, as they reshape their lives.

“Going through a foreclosure or short sale is a deeply personal experience,’ says Author Dean Wegner. “ It touches your heart and soul, along with your home.”

Life After Foreclosure uncovers the foreclosure process and the pitfalls to avoid, and offers support on the personal side, so readers can face their fears, take action and recover from the experience with better, more fulfilling lives for themselves and their families.

“Too many people are putting their mortgage companies before their families,” adds Wegner. “There’s a time to negotiate a loan modification and then there’s a time to get out and move on.”

Having worked with thousands of homeowners in crisis, Wegner’s goal in writing Life After Foreclosure is to help millions more Americans take action and stop living as prisoners in their own homes. The book walks readers through the details of the entire foreclosure process showing how it works and what to expect, including the legal issues that can come up. Wegner also gives an insider’s point of view by looking at the practical and financial realities and choices that homeowners will have to make along the way.

Wegner is concerned about his readers’ personal well-being, as well. He addresses the inner turmoil most people go through while losing their homes, providing them with personal tools and advice on how to shift their perspective and visualize a happier, less burdensome life once out from under the weight of unmanageable mortgage debt.

“It’s time Americans start running their lives like a business,” says Wegner. “Understanding income vs. expenses, assets vs. debt and cash flow are just as important for homeowners as bankers in the mortgage equation.” The author offers readers practical advice on cutting debt, managing expenses and increasing income, while building assets for a more secure future.

After walking readers through the foreclosure process, Wegner shares his insight on how to rebuild their lives afterwards. He guides readers through the process of rebuilding credit scores and how to manage money better and be more productive when working. He provides tips for incorporating exercise and healthy eating into everyday lives for increased energy and alertness.

Recognizing the often insurmountable stress that the foreclosure process places on couples, Wegner closes Life After Foreclosure with important tips on how readers can ensure they maintain a healthy relationship with their partners and families, as they move forward together building their lives after foreclosure.

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Life After Foreclosure
Scottsdale Book Publishing, LLC
Release Date: December 1, 2010
130 Pages
ISBN # : 978-0-9831268-0-5 (print edition)
978-0-9831268-1-2 (electronic edition)