RugGear sponsors racing drivers to participate in the Dakar Rally

RugGear equips Marrini/ Rossi team with rugged phones during 39th edition of Dakar Rally

Online PR News – 04-January-2017 – Asunción, Paraguay, January 2 to 14, 2017 – RugGear, one of the world's top producers of outdoor mobile phones is proud to sponsor the Italian racing team formed of Stefano Marrini and Stefano Rossi to participate in the 39th Dakar Rally held in Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina.

During the rally, the team will be equipped with the latest RugGear water, drop, dust and shock-resistant smartphones and phone accessories fitted for outdoor use. Once instant tracking and a clear, safe and reliable communication is secured, we trust the team will manage to focus more on their goals while staying connected at all times, in the harshest circumstances.

The legendary Dakar competition is considered the world's most difficult rally. The challenging terrain of the track always causes communication problems among racers. It is more of an endurance off-road race, with extreme, unpredictable weather and tough route conditions.
Racers need to pass through mud, dunes, rocks, desserts and other extreme areas, to withstand heat of 40 degrees, but also sub-zero temperatures at times. They can drive from a few km to a few hundred km a day. They risk to get lost or to have technical problems up to the point of even having to give up the race at some point. In this case, permanent contact with the backup staff is crucial.

“RugGear is again with us this year to keep us connected all the time. In 2015, with its indestructible phones, RugGear allowed us to communicate, orient and solve so many problems arising in the second stage of 2015 Dakar. Today RugGear choose us and we choose again RugGear to stay connected all over the world. Thanks, RugGear for helping us stay always online,” said Stefano Marrini.

RugGear phones – always ready for the Dakar challenge
When talking about Dakar and Ruggear’s support for the Stefano Marrini/Stefano Rossi crew, Maverick Chen, president of RugGear Mobile, declared: "As a long-time supporter of Stefano Marrini, we wanted RugGear's latest outdoor mobile phone technology and solutions to be a part of what I call the "Dakar challenge". RugGear has always been advocating the freedom to explore while staying connected, the courage to seek adventure, to take on new challenges, to test limits in spite of exposure to extreme outdoors conditions. That’s what I appreciate in the Dakar experience and that’s why I think it has to be backed up by reliable communication tools. Ruggear phones are robust, stylish and resistant in any harsh environments. Consider them the telecom equivalent of a co-pilot.”

We wish the Marrini/Rossi crew the best of luck during this year’s spectacular and challenging Dakar rally!

About Dakar Rally 2017
The 39th Dakar Rally route will push the participants into the world of risky endurance: 3 countries to cross (Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina), 12 stages (including 6 sections at altitudes above 3,000m) and a marathon stage. This means over 4,000km of special stages and a total of almost 9,000km.

About the Marrini/Rossi team
Stefano Marrini is at his fourth participation in the Dakar rally. He is the winner of the Italian Rally Terra championship in 1997 and has completed more than 60 races in the FIA world Rally championship, and several rallies in Thailand, China, and Australia. This year, he will share the cockpit of his Toyota Landcruiser with Stefano Rossi. Rossi has a solid off road experience. He debuted as a driver in 1994, in the Italian championship and in 2000 he switched to being co-driver in FIA World Cross Country Rally Championship, where he won 4 races in the T2 and finished 3 times 3rd overall along Elvis Borsoi.

About RugGear
Founded in 2006, RugGear is a global leading designer and manufacturer of rugged phones. No matter how hazardous the environment, we empower critical communication for mobile workforces and extreme sports enthusiasts. With durability and ruggedness at the core of their design, RugGear phones and accessories are developed without compromise. We also provide high-quality after-sales support to our customers and push-to-talk solutions that offer unlimited connectivity options, anytime, anywhere. To discover more, please visit


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