Author Describes How He Lost 75 Pounds and Eliminated Diabetes Medication

The Time Machine Diet is a uniquely practical book that suggests a weight loss method based on lifestyle changes rather than limiting and unsustainable dieting

Online PR News – 03-January-2017 – Victoria BC – In it, the author details his weight-loss journey, where he reversed the effects of Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Modifying his diet and eating patterns, he lost 75 pounds, eliminating the need for medications. Validating the approach, his wife Iryna lost 40 pounds by applying the same method.

Both the author and his wife were able to eliminate blood pressure medication, while Vadym was able to eliminate his diabetes medication as well.

The approach is a three prong strategy:
• Replace sugary and starchy food and drink with healthy equivalents
• Cultivate healthy gut bacteria with delicious home-made fermented foods
• Utilize intermittent fasting to produce swift and sustained weight loss

The book provides many suggestions for a healthy menu, eliminating highly processed foods in favor of healthier alternatives without sacrificing taste. Fermented foods provide great probiotic benefits while being delicious and easy to prepare. In conclusion, intermittent fasting corrects hormonal balance, encouraging weight loss by resetting body set point. The book delivers clear step-by-step instructions in a lighthearted, easy to understand style.

The book is available in both paperback and electronic format. Both versions are available from Amazon and the book companion website The website also serves as a complementary resource for additional recipes and ongoing information.

About the Author:

Vadym Graifer is a Canadian-based writer and photographer. He has published three books devoted to stock market trading strategies. He is a featured speaker at numerous seminars across North America and The Caribbean.
In his 4th book, The Time Machine Diet, his writing took an unexpected turn. Being diagnosed at the age of 52 with Type 2 Diabetes, overweight and taking medications for high blood pressure, he embarked on a quest to lose weight. The success of this journey inspired the book as a means to share the experience and encourage others to pursue the path of healing with food rather than medications.