A Livetaxis Kickstarter Project is Launched

In the search for alternative funding, NSN Films and Livetaxis.com has started a kickstarter project.

Online PR News – 21-November-2010 – – Phoenix, AZ -- In the search for alternative funding, NSN Films and www.livetaxis.com has started a kickstarter project. For those familiar, kickstarter.com is a website where creative projects can look for private funding. Artist making their first CD or just trying to market an invention, kickstarter has a variety of projects.

The recently launched Livetaxis kickstarter project is called “live-taxis-will-promote-fun-taxi-cab-rides-to-reduce duis” is a web based, reality type taxi cab ride show that has an emphasis on taking taxicab rides to and from an alcohol related event to eliminate the drunk driving problem. Livetaxis will film for their first DVD in the Tempe, AZ area, more specifically in the Arizona State University area, because college kids are impressionable and responsible and we feel this location is a great start. Once the first project is complete, NSN Films and livetaxis would like to tour the country, filming in mostly college towns and spring breaks.

The project offers rewards in return for small portions of funding. This means you get things like DVD's, T-shirts, and other rewards for your money. Another way to think of it is pre-ordering a DVD or other merchandise. Go check out the project and see the amazing rewards @ http://kck.st/98Y9eA.

Livetaxis kickstarter project even has a level of reward where someone can come to Tempe, AZ and have an active involvement in the project. For more information log into www.livetaxis.com and click on the link that will take you to the kickstarter.com project or follow the above link.

Eric Ross
Phoenix, AZ