Tenants.com Offers Free eBook

Website dedicated to helping tenants during all stages of the rental process gives away relevant information

Online PR News – 05-January-2017 – Austin, TX – Tenants.com, a website with a mission of providing renters with content and information relevant to renters’ concerns, is offering a free eBook on the subject. The president of Tenants.com, Wayne Gathright, authored the eBook entitled What ALL Tenants REALLY Need To Know. At a more in-depth level, the book covers information provided on Tenants.com.

The offer for the free eBook is advertised on the front page of Tenants.com , as well as elsewhere on the website. To receive the free eBook, interested parties must enter their First Name, Last Name and Email Address and click Subscribe. The book is then sent to their email address.

According to Tenants.com, the eBook is intended to be a resource for a wide variety of tenants and situations. Tenants.com provides such a variety of information as well on their website. Among the topics covered and information available on the website are tools to search for and find rental properties, information related to government assistance for tenants, answers related to tenant legal questions and legal forms related to tenant situations.

The website also includes articles that are specifically aimed at helping tenants at the three stages of the rental process: before moving into a rental property, living in a rental property and after living in a rental property. Rental insurance and Tenant’s Rights are also topics covered on Tenant.com.

What ALL Tenants REALLY Need to Know was written as a comprehensive, efficient guide to the information on Tenants.com. The eBook is in PDF format, which means those who receive the eBook can easily save and load it into their eBook library. Tenants.com expresses their intention that having such a book in PDF format will allow tenants and prospective tenants to answer vital questions about neighbors, landlords and leases with one, readily available resource. Tenants.com acknowledges that many questions arise during the rental process and indicates that What ALL Tenants Really need to KNOW may help to begin finding the answers. Further detail can be found at http://www.tenants.com/ebook-what-all-tenants-really-need-to-know/

Tenants.com, beyond the free eBook, seeks to be a comprehensive source of information for both tenants and landlords. The site expresses their understanding of all aspects of the rental process and the benefit of helpful, accurate information in ensuring a successful process for all involved. Their website’s advice, tips, articles and tools are available free of charge and are part of a commitment to honest and ethical help for tenants. For more information, Tenants.com may be contacted using the contact information provided below.

Address: PO Box 90218, Austin, TX 78736
Phone: 512.796.3661
Website: http://www.tenants.com