CMM India Launches PTZ CCTV Camera for Long-Range Surveillance

Analyzing client’s security needs, CMM India is pleased to introduce PTZ CCTV camera to its security product range.

Online PR News – 03-January-2017 – Noida – Analyzing client’s security needs, CMM India is pleased to introduce PTZ CCTV camera to its security product range. These security devices are basically used for establishing long-range surveillance measures. The entire series of PTZ cameras that’s introduces by CMM India efficiently focuses on providing unparalleled attentiveness for monitoring unsuspicious activities during day and night vision. One of the biggest reasons why CMM adds PTZ camera under their IP camera category is its ability to monitor mid to long-range means, whether it’s for border patrolling or general observation scenarios.

This newly added CCTV camera networking solution supports various amazing specifications and features, for instance, WDR (Wide Dynamic Ranges) to keep an eye on wide dynamic ranges and ZLID (Zoom-Laser IR Diodes), in order to get a deep view, specifically for the purpose of bestowing high-definition pictures for both day and night. These PTZ cameras can sufficiently move in all directions, whether it’s one discuss tilt directions, i.e.; up/ down and pan directions i.e.; right/left. User will be amazed to know that this range of IP camera possess an optical zoom capabilities that allow the camera to zoom-in facets in order to deliver fine details from far away. One most important aspect that made PTZ camera user’s first choice is that these CCTV surveillance security devices can easily be controlled remotely either by the use of keyboard or joystick or through a secure DVR, just with the application of a mouse or any other pointing device.

All cameras under PTZ category are equipped with high-tech micro-step technology that proficiently offers accuracy aspects up to 0.01° along with a maximum pan speed of 200°/s. Other specification includes quality zoom capacity that can capture 37X zoomed images even at greater distances. It offers a 3.5 to 120.5 mm resolution to deliver a narrow and extreme wide angle view, specifically in accordance with the requirements. Their built-in OSD encoding permits a broader customization that proficiently suits any application, whether it’s fine-contrast or pitch black applications respectively.

On the other hand, all PTZ cameras that are added under CMM’s IP surveillance systems can be easily programmed in order to sweep the multiple pre-determined locations on an automatic basis. In some cases, external triggers, for instance, door or motion contacts made these cameras to reposition themselves. All above-stated specifications and features offered by PTZ CCTV camera used to guard specific locations from the occurrence of most harsh assaults in order to maintain an aesthetic profile.