River Rovers Announces Exclusive Eco Themed Getaways For Families And Couples This Season

River Rovers announces this season’s most alluring tours for everyone who plans to head off to Phuket this season.

Online PR News – 03-January-2017 – Phuket – River Rovers announces this season’s most alluring tours for everyone who plans to head off to Phuket this season. Our Phuket tours include an all inclusive journey to the uninhabited corners around Phuket where travelers can traverse the unknown land of rivers, estuaries, islands, hidden caves and caverns in the midst of this tropical paradise. Mentioned below is the list of this season’s most exciting travel packages.

Hidden Treasures Of Phang Nga Bay: In this 2 day/1 night tour, River Rovers ensures a perfectly quiet undisturbed trip with no tour boats in sight. The trip to Phang Nga bay is a breather from the hectic lives as travelers get to unwind themselves as they poodle along the calm waters of Phang Nga bay. Travelers get the opportunity to swim and snorkel along the secluded beaches during day or night. River Rovers’ guides take you touring through the thick mangrove forests to experience the rich protective wildlife and witness curious flying creatures such as the brown winged kingfisher and the flying Mud Skipper.
It is an ideal family trip where tourists can sail deep into the mysterious islands and hidden caverns and witness gigantic limestone karsts of the bay.

Kayaking Via Ko Ku Do Yai

This is an 8 hour long trip where tourists are taken on a long tail boat ride to head towards Phang Nga Bay after a short stop for kayaking. In this tour, tourists can walk along the sandy beaches and peep inside the hong and go kayaking around this picturesque island. After a short spring, folks are headed off to the amazing twin islands of Ko Ku Do Yai to witness colorful flora and go kayaking. Tourists will be taken to a nearby lagoon away from the crowd where they can swim along the face of the cliffs. Kayaking Ko Ko Do Yai is an absolute delight as one can observe stunning beaches, mangrove swamps and gigantic cliffs along the way.

Romantic Cruise in Phuket

A 2 days/1 night tour, this romantic getaway will take couples to a magical cruise along the River Mudong. Meals are included during the cruise. Guests can avail cool drinks, tea, coffee, beer, food or bbq on the beach. Activities include monkey feeding, swimming, snorkeling ad kayaking along the stunning beaches. Floating through the Thin Thin Canal, couples get a chance to gaze at the colorful fishing vessels from all corners Asia. Traveling under the bridge and advancing towards the mangroves, Maphrao bay is crossed and a halt is made at night at the floating Thai restaurant to savor lip smacking Thai food and enjoy kayaking, and fishing at the local fish farms. Enjoy a peaceful romantic night on board at the yacht gazing at the stars.

Dream Destination Wedding Cruise

River Rovers (http://www.riverrovers.com) takes pleasure in crafting an exotic destination wedding on a special luxury boat dressed up thematically just for the couple’s special occasion. Koh Hong is well known for its picturesque location; also known as the Prince of Hongs, it is the most ideal set up couples could only dream for their D day. And the best part, the celebration doesn’t end with the wedding. In fact, River Rovers gladly escort the couple on a dream romantic honeymoon cruise post wedding celebrations through the astonishing islands and the vast delta formations of Phang nga bay. Apart from on board wedding services, invitees can be welcomed by the couple’s choice of transport that ranges from speedboats, traditional Thai Longtail boats, passenger cruises, yachts and even sea planes. Accommodation can be arranged on shore or on board, as desired.

About River Rovers: River Rovers specializes in eco friendly tours around Phuket. They have excellent tour guides and captains with extensive knowledge about the surrounding region who strive to offer you more than just a tour. With a rich adventure filled experience, River Rovers will make you see Thailand from a greener and richer perspective that will haunt you for years to come. For detailed information about their packages, visit their website.