An Orlando Plumber is the next big feature from Localizer

Getting the best deals from the Orlando Plumber, Jeff’s Kitchen Bath and Beyond was effortless with Localizer

Online PR News – 20-November-2010 – – Featuring the Orlando Plumber, Jeff’s Kitchen Bath and Beyond was an easy choice for Localizer, a local business and online consumer matchmaker. Localizer, literally has people on the street sniffing out the best offers from top local businesses. Then they laser focus consumer-friendly offers and get them in front of the ideal customers searching online. It’s win a win for everybody with Localizers’ ability to get local business offers rocketed to the top of the search results, getting in front of those who are looking for them. Combine this with the fact that search engines like Google and Yahoo continue to support local businesses in a major way and you can see why businesses are clamoring to get in on the action. And, it’s plain to see that customers love the “money-saving” too.

When great offers from local businesses keep showing up in places like the first page of Google, local customers benefit, have a great user experience and come back for more. With Localizer feeding Google’s need for local business results for it’s users, local businesses and customers will continue to make strong connections. Like with Jeff’s Kitchen Bath and Beyond. They “get it” and know that reaching out to consumers with great offers is important in today’s economic climate. That’s where Localizer fits in, bringing the two together, over and over again. And with the ability for customers to get instant contact to the businesses and to their offers upfront, customers know exactly what they’re getting and what to expect.

Customers can now get discounts from the Orlando Plumber, Jeff’s Kitchen Bath and Beyond though the Localizer website.

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