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Online PR News – 03-January-2017 – London – Lunchbox millionaire is a site engaging young minds into enterprise, branding and management. It is the hottest network marketing site at the moment that encourages creativity, engagement and growth, community and expression. It is not just for young people but for startups, creatives, and those who are passionate about sharing their ideas their voice and building a platform for themselves. Are you looking for investors, like minded entrepreneurs , people you can partner up with to get feedback on your goals and decision making process. Are you looking for somewhere you can sell products and raise capital, are you looking for hot tips and cool hookups with key contacts. On our little Island of the internet, we have the info you need, tips , tricks, and a goldmine of fresh ideas to take you from A to B, so why procrastinate? Give it a shrug and join us we are a community of entrepreneurs on a journey, be part of our philosophy, keying up is tuning in.