DownrightNatural Announces their Annual Organic Tomato Blowout Sale for 2017

DownrightNatural announced the immediate availability of all varieties of Organic Tomato, enabling home growers to immediately start their growing season

Online PR News – 03-January-2017 – Cherry Hill, NJ – Today, DownrightNatural announced the immediate availability of all varieties of Organic Tomato, enabling home growers, co-ops, and small farmers to immediately start their growing season with an all-natural, 100% organic alternative to the unknown origin of commercially available tomatoes in their local supermarkets.rn“Our Organic Tomato seed is perfect for the home grower. Home grown tomatoes are healthier, organic, do not contain any of the pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals that the large growers use to ‘improve’ their harvest/bottom line, additionally, our organic tomatoes contain no GMO modifications,” said Danny Keigs, Shipping Manager with DownrightNatural.rnPositive Customer ImpactrnMany customers have already benefited from growing Organic Tomato. Antoinette B., a home grower from Virginia, started growing Organic Tomatoes in the 80’s for her family’s dinner table. She found that the taste is better, deeper, and fresher, as well as has the comfort of knowing that the tomatoes are grown in her own garden and lets her know exactly what she is feeding her family. “I will never buy a tomato in the grocery store again. When I can’t grow them in the winter, I have farm stands around me that have organic tomatoes that I will buy. But, when I can grow them, I grow 18, maybe 24 or more different kinds or tomatoes on the average season. I like Beefsteak, Orange, Plum, and Grape Tomatoes; my kids love the Green Tomatoes, and my husband likes Cherry Tomatoes for his fresh salads and as a snack when he is working. Everyone wins with my garden, especially my family and friends,” said Antoinette “it is so much nicer to be able to enjoy the fruits of my garden then taking a chance and rolling the dice with what is in the stores nowadays.”rn“Organic Heirloom Tomatoes are one of the best, old-fashioned ways to enjoy the taste of better times, when I used to garden with my grandparents.”, said Kirby Foster, owner of DownrightNatural. “I remember growing them thru the spring and summer, and always having a variety of fresh, juicy tomatoes for my sandwiches and salads.” Foster continues, “There is nothing like the taste of an original. Some of the varieties that I have sourced are only available if you know someone who grows them personally. Heirloom tomatoes are a fast disappearing ingredient at the dinner table that I hope to preserve for future generations.”rnOrganic Tomato AvailabilityrnOrganic Tomato is the only sensible alternative for most people to use in their garden, but most are not aware of the ease that they can be grown and harvested. Many people think that growing tomatoes is a difficult thing, when, in actuality, it is one of the simplest and most cost effective plants to grow for the home grower. Many people introduce their children to gardening by having them grow tomatoes for their first plant, hopefully starting a lifelong desire to improve their diet and their food choices, as well as a love of gardening. rnAs a move to educate and promote the benefits of Organic Tomatoes, their ease of growth, health benefits, and controlling their own food, DownrightNatural is offering all varieties of Organic Tomatoes at 50% off for the months of January thru March 2017, no code, no coupon, no gift certificate needed; the sale is for all varieties, while in stock. All different varieties of Organic Tomato are available for immediate purchase at in 1986, DownrightNatural is committed to bettering the lives of our customers, improving biodiversity, and promoting organic vegetables, grains, herbs, and fruits that help counter the proliferation of chemically laden and genetically modified (GMO) produce available today. The company offers a wide range of organic seeds and products to better the environment and living choices of everyone with healthier alternatives to mass marketed produce. rnThe provenance of all our Tomato Seed is guaranteed Organic, Non-GMO, and True-to-Name, as is all seed carried by DownrightNatural.