Meet the iBAN Wallet, a necessary Fintech

Last years have shown us that the participation of tech in the financial sector is becoming a revolution, which has brought an interesting product: fintechs.

Online PR News – 03-January-2017 – London, UK – Last years have shown us that the participation of technology in the financial sector is becoming a real revolution, which has brought a very interesting product: fintechs. These companies offer through their online platforms, services of loans, banking products or the possibility to make transactions from anywhere. Therefore, they are a new alternative to traditional banking.

Currently, the market is starting to exploit fintechs, which work with many advantages, but none have been able to do so on a global scale, and this is precisely what iBAN Wallet has been willing to change, according to the information of its members.

IBAN Wallet is an application developed by the iBANONLINE company, whose objective is to make a combination between two exploding markets – Sharing Economies and Crowdlending, which ones we have already seen in companies such as AirBnB and UBER. The tool is intended to help users control their finances, transfer money and create an interaction between investors and borrowers. Through the application, users will have a modern tool for managing their money, integrated with precise risk management.

Currently, iBAN Wallet is in its private crowdfunding campaign on SEEDRS platform, the world leader in this area. Its first launch has been in the United Kingdom, Colombia and Spain, and is planned, according to its CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel Suero Alonso, to open for 2017 to Germany, France, Argentina and Mexico.

Can iBAN Wallet, as it has been proposed, take investments and loans to a whole new level? That is what is expected. As a fintech that provides such qualities is necessary in worldwide level, to demonstrate and inspire other start-ups fintechs and to impulse the thousands of projects we could find in it.

To learn more about the functionality of the application, its emergence, plans and team, we invite you to take a look at its promotional video and website.

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