Mobile Techno Launches an Android App to Help Manage and Share Data like a Pro

SocioRAC is a proprietary patent pending multi-platform data management and data sharing application created for the ease and convenience of the smartphone user

Online PR News – 02-January-2017 – Vadodara, Gujarat, November 24th, 2016 – Free Android App lets you Organize and Share data in a Revolutionary, Patented way which you will Love!
Vadodara-based start-up Mobile Techno announces the launch of the SocioRAC android Application, available on the Google Play Store for Free. Taking the online data management industry by storm, the SocioRAC application is designed to help you organize any data that you read anywhere using your Android Smart Device.
“What WhatsApp did to the Text message industry was phenomenal and revolutionary. SocioRAC is going to create a similar Revolution” said Rajat Singhania, Founder of Mobile Techno. SocioRAC will be the one to change the information retention from mere notes to a more simplified version of sharing and transforming these tiny bits of sentences to a useful piece of information.
With the SocioRAC droid app, we start by helping you save and organize data at a click of a button, making your life less complicated. It enables users to save data directly from within any external app (SMS, email, browser, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.) into SocioRAC, as Reminder, Archive, or Calendar entries, manage the data into folders, sort the data by, tags, info, etc. and analyze it too.
SocioRAC has a patented proprietary Pop Up manager which POPs up to your rescue anytime you think of saving or sharing any content on any of the external apps that you might be using. Any content selected and copied/ shared on any social media platform, triggers SocioRAC’s background service automatically. A POP-UP window opens and the User can save the content efficiently in an organized manner through this app and avoid interruption of copying and pasting data manually.
You can organize this data into multiple folders; share it through any medium of your choice and even save the contents of the folder on the cloud using the sync option. All the data that is organized using SocioRAC is saved on their cloud using a 128 bit Encryption and hence even if you lose all your data in your phone, the data saved in SocioRAC stays always and FOREVER!
“The application in its Beta version will offer its users with a free 50MB space on the cloud which we are planning to increase once we hear our users calling out for more” said one of the engineers who helped code SocioRAC.
SocioRAC will soon be available on Apple App Stores as well as for Windows.
SocioRAC is not just an idea which came overnight and then developed into an Application but is a tool which is a need today more than a person’s greed. SocioRAC is not here merely to store information but is here to leave behind a legacy of information retention management system received through various social media.
Did you READ anything important, do you want to RETAIN it, do you want to SHARE it, don’t forget to SocioRAC it