CrossFit I-5 Announces Two Exciting New Programs

The CrossFit I-5 Academy of Elite Fitness has recently announced the expansion of their fitness programs into two new areas.

Online PR News – 20-November-2010 – – Mission Viejo, CA – November 20, 2010 -- The CrossFit I-5 Academy of Elite Fitness has recently announced the expansion of their fitness programs into two new areas. CrossFit recently acquired two new certifications, the CrossFit Endurance Certification and the CrossFit Power Lifting Certification. In conjunction with these certificates CrossFit I-5 will be offering two new classes, the CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit I-5 Strength 2.0 classes. These new classes add a great deal of value to the CrossFit I-5 Academy of Elite Fitness experience.

The CrossFit Endurance Certification has been developed by a group of highly experienced endurance athletes that have competed in the ultimate endurance challenges, such as the Iron Man Canada and Angeles Crest 100. The program is specifically tailored to increasing the maximum endurance potential of its participants. The program takes a three-step approach to building a participant's endurance potential. The first step is to improve running technique, which will lead to a maximization of efficiency. The second step is to build up a base of strength combined with conditioning in equal parts. The final step is to undergo a highly disciplined, running program performed at extremely high intensity. When combining these three steps with excellent nutrition, this program makes for the most effective maximization of endurance potential in the world. This program has been scientifically proven to reduce injury, increase efficiency and build the strength and speed of its participants.

The CrossFit I-5 Endurance Team is seeking a group of individuals to undergo the training program and perform in endurance events all over California. It is open to runners of all skill and accomplishment levels.

Designed to strategically build the strength and power of its participants, the CrossFit I-5 Strength 2.0 Class progressively builds a participant's strength to weight ratio. Louie Simmons of the famous West Side Barbell gym in Columbus, Ohio created the CrossFit Power Lifting Certification. He is a strength consultant for numerous college and NFL teams.

CrossFit is very excited to be offering these two new programs. As the Head Strength Coach, Vince Pacleb, recently stated, "We are very excited about the opportunities that these two certifications bring. The heart of any fitness program will always be a proper balance of strength and conditioning. The information gathered from these two courses has brought us another step ahead of any fitness program."

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