Guard your Premise using Biometric Visitor Management System

Considering security, the major growing concern Face Recognition Solution came up with biometric visitor management system. It is promoting no human touch technology and enhancing security globally.

Online PR News – 07-October-2009 – – 'You can never read someone's mind' believing this fact Face Recognition Solution has now introduced its creative product Visitor Management System to the entire world. It is helping the general people to proceed with the face recognition system for a better management in the security process.

Far apart from the traditional security system, where the records of the visitors used to be maintained in register book, Face Recognition Solution has now succeeded to cater with an automated process for managing the visitors coming into the premise.

Biometric visitor management system provides a very easy way to maintain the track of the visitors and also provides the facility to blacklist the selected individuals. Thus maintains authentication in the arena where the device is used.

People are not restricted up to this it is offering certain other benefits:
• It is the fastest and safest process to achieve security.
• It saves your precious time.
• It requires only single time installation charge.
• It is a portable device.
• A very reliable device to secure the premise.
• Get rid of buddy punching.
• It can blacklist the suspected visitors.
• A totally customizable product to gain customer satisfaction.
• It is very cost effective method for security.

Since it is based on 'no human touch technology', thus it solves the difficulties that used to be faced earlier. In order to get the service, person needs to stand in front of the camera. The camera captures the facial details and stores in to the database. So, next time when the same person re-visits, the device grants the permission. It can be used both in private as well as in the public sectors.

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