Wanney’s Growth Led in Providing the Highest Quality of Night Vision Products in the Market

Wanney Science and Technology Co., Ltd. provide the best night vision products that will make the dark look visible.

Online PR News – 02-January-2017 – Guangdong, China – Wanney Science and Technology Co., Ltd. provide the best night vision products that will make the dark look visible. The company is an expert when sales and production of the night vision goods that are beneficial in all aspects. The products that Wanney offers are made with the premium quality of materials with long life span and can help in doing the works fast and easy.

Wanney has been making a huge success in the industry for its remarkable and innovative night vision products that are beneficial in different means. The products those have names in the market. Moreover, Wanney keeps on growing over the years. In March 2014, the company was able to accumulate funds for research and development worth 3.4 million RMB. On the same year, the company made a bid for a specific purpose, dominated Shenzhen and Guandong by altering the civilian products. Also, the funding for the Shenzhen Wanney Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has been completed.

In 2016, Wanney was able to make a lot of achievements. March 2016, the company to gain the first seed round of investment, was able to apply invention patent in Europe, China and United States, and was able to put on the logo WANNEY in the American Market and the OWLEYE in the European market. In June 2016, the company was able to apply for the design patent, acquired certificates. In addition, when September came, Wanney was able to receive the second round angel investment. And in December, the company was able to unveil the first generation of head-mounted vision equipment and produced massive numbers. On the same month, the company also introduced samples of their night vision telescope and night vision goggles. For the coming year, they will attend the CES exhibition in America on January.

Because of their great success through the years, they were able to produce and sold different night vision device which has been helping different industries. Wanney offers night vision glasses, night vision camera , night vision meter, night vision viewer, and night vision binoculars that are perfect for night sight, night vision for rescuing, night vision for driving, and night vision for hunting,

All the products that Wanney is providing are the fruits of the growth that they have for years which pushed them to do better.

Hence, if you want to avail the finest quality of night vision products in the market, you can find it at Wanney Science and Technology Co., Ltd. for they are the best maker and seller of night vision goods.

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