Bioprime Health launches new Powder-to-Liquid Hyaluronic Acid Product

HydroFlexx™ The only Powder-to-Liquid Hyaluronan product available. Launched by Bioprime Health, this breakthrough formulation is unique.

Online PR News – 01-January-2017 – McKinney, TX – HydroFlexx™ is a special patented hyaluronan (sodium hyaluronate) formula being brought to the market by Bioprime Health. There are 2 types of oral Hyaluronic acid supplements on the market, either liquid or solid (capsules or tablets). Both of these have big problems -- the liquid version degrades quickly once manufactured and while it sits on the shelf before it is purchased by the end consumer. The solid dosage does not adequately dissolve in order to be of any really effective benefit. Liquids are the ideal delivery system for achieving maximum bodily absorption.

Hyaluronan (HA), when in liquid form with water, degrades quickly over time into the smaller weight inflammatory hyaluronan. When you purchase liquid hyaluronan, in a store, or on-line, you have no idea of how long ago the product was dissolved into the solution before being stored, shipped and sitting on a shelf for purchase.

HydroFlexx™ enables you to quickly dissolve the stable powder into a liquid with water when you are ready to begin consuming it! Therefore, you get the effectiveness of large weight hyaluronan when you need it, guaranteeing the freshest and most effective joint supplement you can get. HydroFlexx™ is the ONLY powder-to-liquid hyaluronan product on the market.

"This represents a new breed of HA formula for people with joint issues who really can benefit from the power of hyaluronic acid. Hydroflexx allows them to create their gel when they are ready to start using it. They are not subject to the potential inflammatory product that has been sitting in storage before they purchased it." Says Damon Perry, President of Bioprime Health Science.

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