America’s first female aviator’s story finally told in Biograph’s ‘Harriet Quimby’ movie

For the first time, Harriet Quimby’s life will be on the screen in Biograph’s new docu-drama of America’s first female aviator

Online PR News – 19-November-2010 – – Harriet Quimby is not a household name, yet she was America’s first female pilot, the first woman to ever cross the English Channel in 1910, and paved the way for the future of aviation and was an inspiration for women everywhere.

Not only did Quimby accomplish aviation history, but she was a respected photo journalist, traveling all over the world to almost every foreign country, as well as being a stage actress and a screenwriter for Biograph Company in the early 1900’s. And she accomplished most of this before the age of 30.

DonnaMarie Recco stars as ’Harriet Quimby’ who has an uncanny resemblance to the late aviator. She has played opposite Robert DeNiro in "Analyze This;" and “Analyze That”, opposite Greg Kinnear and Willem DaFoe in "Auto Focus;" and with Gwyneth Paltrow in "View from the Top." She has also appeared as a guest star on acclaimed television shows such as The Sopranos, Law & Order, Judging Amy, Third Watch, and NYPD Blue to name a few. She recently starred in an independent film called "One Night" in her hometown of New York City, and most recently co-starring in the film “Finding Bliss” with Jamie Kennedy and Denise Richards.

‘Harriet Quimby’ is produced by Biograph Company, ironically the same company that Quimby was a screenwriter for back in 1910. Biograph Company, founded in 1895, is the oldest movie company in America, and has the unique history of filming the Pope for the first time at the Vatican, filming the launch of the Titanic, and producing the first movie in Hollywood, as well as the first movie in Los Angeles.

The film deals with Quimby’s life, her career and adventures. From being a photo journalist around the world, her days at Biograph Studios, to her making aviation history by being the first woman pilot, and being the first woman ever to fly across the English Channel.

Biograph’s CEO and producer of the film Thomas R. Bond II, is also the film’s producer and from a show business lineage as well, being son of the late actor Tommy Bond, who played "Butch" the bully in the original "Little Rascals", and “Jimmy Olsen” in the original “Superman”, and actress Polly Bond, who was also a former Miss California. Bond started out in radio at the age of 13 years old as the youngest broadcaster in the nation, and went onto television, and produced his first feature at 19 years old. Bond has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years.

Bond states about the new film “We are very excited to tell the story of Harriet Quimby for the first time in this exciting historic film, and to have DonnaMarie Recco portraying her. We are proud this will finally tell the story of Miss Quimby, who’s historic accomplishments opened a new world of opportunity for women everywhere”.