Why Four-Digit Gold Signals the World Has Lost Confidence in Paper Money, and Why it is Not To Late to Protect Your Future

Gold prices topped $1,040 an ounce yesterday, the highest price in recorded history, as talk of the dollar losing its reserve status and foreign countries hiking interest rates has raised concerns about the dollar’s future. Silver has yet to realize this rise and could be an excellent hedge against the declining dollar.

Online PR News – 07-October-2009 – – Today millions of Americans are wondering why gold prices have tripled since 2001 and if this gold rush will continue. The more important question is when other precious metals will see this same trend, and what metals to invest in today to realize a similar gain in the future.

Boost Silver CEO David Greenspan offers his insight and a modern solution, based on 35 years of experience in the precious metals market. Released in June of this year his silver eagle coin of the month program, "Boost Silver", offers a simple method to accumulate .999% pure silver American Eagle Coins each and every month.

"Four-digit gold signals the world has lost confidence in paper currencies, the Federal Reserve and the federal government. The commodity super-cycle has swept gold prices up threefold, but that's just the kickoff phase," says Mr. Greenspan.

Mr. Greenspan told CNBC this February he believes silver will rise to meet, and may surpass, the current $1,040 price of gold in the near future.

"The era of paper currencies and complicated structured investments is giving way to a new era of tangible assets," says Mr. Greenspan. "While most investors may have missed the gold opportunity, silver is emerging as a preferred asset class in a world drowning in debt."

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