New Website Helps People Find Ways To Make Money Fast

New website makes it possible for anyone to find 1,000 real legitimate ways to make money.

Online PR News – 22-November-2010 – – In the face of tough economic times, long-time entrepreneur and Internet marketer Scott Lindsay has launched his latest venture. "1,000 money making ideas" ( is aimed at average, working class people and is packed full of suggestions, ideas and how-to's about making money.

Lindsay created the website himself and says that "1,000 Money Making Ideas" was borne out of his own passion for entrepreneurialism. His vision is to help people find real ways to make money and to rise above financial obstacles and allow them to finally live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

"This is even more important in today's economic climate where so many need to make more money. This type of knowledge is invaluable," says Lindsay.

Not only does Lindsay think that the launch of his new website is timely, considering our current economic state, he firmly believes that everyone has something to gain by visiting "1,000 Money Making Ideas." Lindsay feels that every person is capable of making the kind of money he or she wants.

According to Lindsay, his objective is to introduce people to over 1,000 ways to make money both online and offline. New tips, suggestions and business ideas will continually be added to the site's pages over a three year period until there are a total of 1,000 unique ideas to make money.

Whether you just want to make a little bit of side cash to take that vacation you've always dreamed of, or you want to fuel your own entrepreneurial fire with some practical advice and business suggestions, "1,000 Money Making Ideas" can get you there. The site offers tips for everyone, from children to adults.

Make no mistake; Lindsay's site is not a portal for pushing scams. Other sites, he admits, lure visitors in with dazzling promises of overnight cash and instant success. Many display carefully-crafted "testimonials" from people claiming earnings in the hundreds per day. In reality, a sad number of these so-called "testimonials" simply are not based on reality.

Instead, Lindsay's goal is to offer real, meaningful, plausible and legitimate money making ideas. Most of the ideas on his site, in fact, are tips that anyone can use to generate income, regardless of his or her job experience or training.

"The World Wide Web offers a whole new world for people to make money and find legitimate business opportunities. If someone is willing to put in the work there is no reason they cannot find a way to make real income and achieve the success they desire" says Lindsay. In fact, "1,000 Money Making Ideas" offers numerous business suggestions that require little or no financial investment at all to get started. All you need is some initiative and drive.

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