The Launch of, your Guide to Better Love and Relationships
11/19/2010, an online guide to love and relationships was launched today by Confetti Media. A unique site catering to both men and women, is a site that intends to be the difference. And bridge the divide.

Online PR News – 19-November-2010 – – Confetti Media today announced the launch of, a couples’ portal for better love and relationships.

After publishing several successful magazines and partnering with online portals and media houses from around the world, Confetti Media has launched its first relationship portal to enlighten couples in all aspects from the first flutter of the heart to the warm glow of a long term relationship. caters to couples and singles alike, with exciting and thought provoking articles revolving around love and understanding the opposite gender. Not only are the features fun and insightful with an after-effect of enlightenment, it also caters to an audience keeping the opposite genders in mind. has several unique sections catering to men and women, with large portions of love, sensual tease and flirty flings.

Another interesting aspect of is its perfect blend of love and relationships, true life experiences, thoughts and reflections, and revealing quizzes. It reaches out to its reader in a lively manner, and yet, exchanges conversations that are deep and meaningful. With featured writers and relationship experts that are handpicked from across the globe, is poised to become one of the definitive guides to understanding love and relationships on the internet.

Flirt. Tease. Fall in Love.

“Love, as enchanting and mysterious as it may seem, is really simple,” says Preeti Tewari, Managing Director of the parent company, Confetti Media. “It starts with a flirty glance. Reciprocates with a gentle tease. And then we fall into the soft cushion of love! And that’s what is all about. “Flirt. Tease. Fall in Love.” envelopes the feelings and emotions welling in our hearts for as long as we know it.”

With a great looking website, is categorized into eight unique sections of Love Couch, Flirting Flings, Sensual Tease, Men, Women, My Life, Travel and Health, and Entertainment. With warm colors that change with every segment of the portal, from butch blue to marshmallow pink for the men and the women, is a site that intends to be the difference. And bridge the divide.

Speaking about the website and the content, Vinod Srinivas, the C.E.O. of Confetti Media says, “The website has just been launched after it was tested for a few months. At present, we don’t accept user generated content with the sole intention of avoiding any dilution of the strong content that is being provided by the team, but over the coming months, we do have a lot of exciting innovations that would be incorporated into the website. And we can assure our readers that they will have more than just great content to look forward to in!”

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