Lorom Launches Ultra-Flexible Cable Assembly

Lorom Launches Ultra-Flexible Cable Assembly

Online PR News – 30-December-2016 – NY – Data centers can now take advantage of better cable management thanks to the flexibility of noodl® SFP+ and QSFP+ cable. A tighter bend radius meanslower mechanical stress and better performance when the cable is installed in tight spaces.

December 2, 2016 – Lorom, a world leader in cable management products, has announced the launch of noodl®, a series of ultra-flexible SFP+ and QSFP+ interconnects for datacenters and robotics, medical, and avionics applications. The new cable assembly, including all components, have been manufactured at the company’s own purpose built facility in the technology district of Hangzhou CN. The noodl ® assemblies provide 40% to 75% more flexibility over current industry standard cables and are designed for optimal high-speed performance.

A Small Form Factor Pluggable Cable Series with Unparalleled Flexibility

In designing noodl® cables, Lorom was able to minimize internal mechanical stress and friction. A small back shell allows for a tighter bend radius than standard cables, which experience damage to internal wires when the bend radius is less than 5x the cable’s OD. A standard cable can be bent over 71 millimeters. By contrast, a Lorom QSFP back shell with a noodl® cable reduces this distance to approximately 45 millimeters.


In addition to flexibility, noodl cable has the following features that provide numerous advantages for data centers and other applications.

• Die-Cast: A safety release mechanism integrated into the design reduces the risk of failure.
• Wire Organizer: The control of internal wires and drain wires is tightly controlled, optimizing SI performance over a wide range of conditions.
• LOROM PCB Technology: A patented ground plane allows for market-leading crosstalk, and impedance control supports top-notch common mode impedance.

SFP+ 10GE/16G FC Unique Features and Advantages

Lorom’s line of SFP+ passive copper cable assemblies are ideal for 10 GbE and 16G fibre channel applications. Supporting transmission rates of 1.125 to 14.025 Gbps and bandwidth from 1 to 16 Gbps, these assemblies have the ultra-flexibility of noodl® high speed cable. Other advantages include EMC and thermal dissipation and 360 degree cable braid crimp termination and EMI protection, in addition to:

• Passive Equalizer: The cost-efficient RLC circuitry in this assembly maximizes the distance and length covered.
• Bandwidth: Compatible with next generation 16 Gbpsfibre channel technology, it allows users to reduce datacenter inventory and equipment costs.

Dimensional and Performance Characteristics:

Part Number Length
(meter) AWG
Size dWDP
(dB) VMA
(dB) VCR
LRHSP B05 F005 0.5 34 1.08 0.33 40.68
LRHSP B05 F010 1.0 34 2.04 0.98 37.99
LRHSP B05 D020 2.0 30 3.32 1.08 36.75
LRHSP B05 D030 3.0 30 4.56 1.55 36.43
4.75 4.5 32.5

QSFP+ 40GE/56G FC Unique Features and Advantages

The quad small form factor assemblies now available from Lorom minimize insertion loss and have the highest Insertion Loss to Crosstalk Ratio in the industry. They support a bandwidth up to 56GB/s, 40GbE. A 360 degree cable braid crimp and enhanced EMI skirt also maximize the flexibility of the product. Other advantages of the QSFP+ product include:

• Crimp Ring: In addition to excellent EMC performance, the product has robust pull force and a compression resulting in no impedance degradation or negative SI effects.
• Pull Tab Options:Custom pull tabs let customers add their own logo and colors.
• Boss Stub: This option allows the assembly to support multiple standards.
• Foil Out Bulk Cable:Mode conversion improvements have optimized SI performance characteristics.
• Small OD Cable: A reduced diameter has improved cable management, density, and cooling.
• Smaller Bend Radius: Also improves cable management in high density environments.

Dimensional and Performance Characteristics:

Performance Insertion Loss (dB)
Part Number Length (meter) AWG Size 40GE
@5.15625GHz IB FDR/ 56G FC
LRHSP C08 F005 0.5 34 5.5 8.2
LRHSP C08 F010 1.0 34 7.7 11.1
LRHSP C08 F020 2.0 34 12.0 -
LRHSP C08 D020 2.0 30 10.0 -
LRHSP C08 D030 3.0 30 13.2 -
IEEE 802.3ba-2010 13

All cable assembly models are available now. Contact a representative via the Lorom website for more information. To learn more about the flexibility and other advantages of noodl® ultra-flexible SFP+ and QSFP+ cable assemblies, visit the company online at www.lorom.com.

About Lorom

Lorom Industrial Co., Ltd. has become a leading supplier to many Fortune 500 companies since its founding in 1988. It maintains state of the art facilities with the latest 2D and 3D technology and produces all injection moldings, die casting, and other manufacturing tools in house. Superior expertise in ultra-flexible wire and cable has made Lorom a world leader in this industry.The company’s trusted brand of cable assemblies surpasses all standards for mechanical and electrical performance in the most challenging environments.