What’s New with CaliBowl?

A CaliBowl with your favorite salsa or dip makes a great gift for the holiday season.

Online PR News – 20-November-2010 – – Simple Wave, LLC
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Hayward, CA, Nov 10 2010: Simple Wave, LLC, creators of the CaliBowl Brand™, is entering new phases of distribution while configuring and re-configuring products for 2011. With reorders from Singapore distributor JP Group LLP and SNOTTRA, a Brazilian distributor, CaliBowl is receiving great global exposure. JP Group will launch The CaliBowl Brand in 2011, as it did in 2010.
Recently, due to popular demand, Simple Wave, LLC has configured a pet line featuring the CaliBowl patented designed called The Growler Series.

A local CaliBowl customer wrote, “My husband and I were at the Avocado Festival this past weekend and past your booth. I saw the Oprah picture with all the cute Cocker Spaniels and assumed these bowls were for dogs… We went to your web site Sunday night and came to find these are for people! We placed an order for a La Jolla stack in red and are very excited to eat our morning oatmeal. We wanted to ask someone at CaliBowl if you would recommend these bowls for dogs. My husband and I bread Rottweiler’s and think that these bowls will help with the ciaos around our house, especially during meal time. We were looking at the Big Sur Set, but have no use for the two smallest sizes in the set. Do you sell the 95oz bowl separately?” September 2010, shortly after receiving multiple similar inquires, The Growler Series line was presented to PetCo and will launch in 200 PetCo stores coming fall 2011.

Discussion of new CaliBowl Product configurations will continue between Simple Wave, LLC’s engineers and sales team. New configurations will include patented low profile designs. This design is similar to the current Santa Barbara, 12oz bowl. The low profile design is great for any food application, but with bigger sizes, this bowl can change casserole, baking, and serving platters forever.
Simple Wave, LLC’s CEO, Jeff Bollengier adds, “Creating new configurations and adapting new lines for this brand is just another step in implementing the CaliBowl Concept throughout the world.”

Mission Statement:
We at Simple Wave, LLC have decided to thrive rather than pinch. We have chosen clarity, vitality, eagerness, & abundance of all things we consider good and joy!
-The Simple Wave Team