presents an ecstatic collection of brand new humidors

A celebrated name in the cigar genre is that has recently launched its new set of humidors fresh out of factory for use.

Online PR News – 27-December-2016 – Seattle, WA – December 21, 2016: Of late, Cigarri has come up with the creative collections of exotic humidors for your cigars.
Along with having the best quality cigars in your store, it is also important to store them in a perfect place and keep the quality intact. Be it 25 bundles or 50 or even 1000, has humidor collections for any number of cigars for your store. Some of the most innovative designs of humidors that have hit the market of humidors lately are Quality Importers Desktop Humidors, Solana, Prestige Import Group Milano Countertop, New Air CC-100, 250 Count and Whynter CHC-251S Stainless Steel humidor. These are perhaps the top five humidors from the store of Cigarri that you can definitely flaunt in front your friends and family.
It is important to keep in mind both the space and money factor while buying humidors. With the help of Cigarri ’s wide range of collection of humidors, you can always be assured of a space-effective as well as cost-effective solution for your humidors for home without any unnecessary wastage of money or space. This is because humidors can cater to a horizon of needs starting from very basic storage purposes to simply show off purposes as well applicable in cases of large farmhouses, palaces and mansions. Therefore, Cigarri can actually help you out with the exact humidor solution as per your requirement.
The most common of the lot is of course the desktop humidors that are mainly made up of mahogany, black oak and Spanish cedar that can at one glance, steal away your hearts as well as impress the guests of your house. One of the best desktop humidors is the Ochenta 80 Cigar that is a blend of Spanish cedar lining and gloss cedar finish.
Cigars are one of the coolest companions while travel and therefore, there is the Novelist Leather Book from the Prestige Import Group, the best travel humidor of 2016 to store your cigars carefully during travel.
About It is a premium name in the genre of humidors for storing cigars and has some of the best collections of desktop humidors, cabinet humidors and travel humidors as per the latest market trends.
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