Customers Enjoy up to 63% off 12v LED Strip Lights with Saving Light Bulbs

Popular online LED lighting specialists wins over more and more customers with discounted 12v strip lights.

Online PR News – 27-December-2016 – Farnham, Surrey – Customers of the well-known online lighting store, Saving Light Bulbs, have made considerable savings on the company’s LED strip lights over recent weeks – some as much as 63%. And with sales at an all time high, it would seem that the company is set to carry on offering the best prices in the business.

“Sales of particular lighting products will inevitably experience peaks and troughs,” adds Paul Towers, Director of Saving Light Bulbs, “but these LED strips have consistently sold well to both domestic and commercial customers – whether or not a discount has been applied.”

So, it can’t be just their competitive prices that are causing customers to flock to the SLB website. Recent online reviews can attest to the high quality of both the products and customer service, too.

What’s more, it has become clear from the results of recent research that more and more UK households are switching from conventional light bulbs to LED varieties due to both their environmental benefits and longer lifespan. But what is it about LED strip lighting that has made it so popular?

“The LED tape is popular for a variety of reasons,” adds Towers. “Not only do the bulbs produce a powerful, long-lasting light, but the strip is incredibly easy to work with. Each length has a series of prescribed cut marks where customers can alter the measurements to suit their requirements. This makes it an incredibly versatile light fixture – our clients use it for shop displays, around paintings or mirrors or even inside their cupboards. The opportunities are endless.”

Those who wish to cut their lighting strip to the required length can purchase connectors from the Saving Light Bulbs Accessory Store online. This will effectively wire up the cut lengths and enable strips of any size to work efficiently.

Ever committed to the needs of their customers, the team also provides a tailored service for those looking for shorter LED strips.

The LED tape is available in a variety of lengths with a different wattage per metre. Customers can choose from either warm white for a softer interior glow, or natural white for a brighter effect. Some strips have as many as 60 individual SMD LED lights per metre, powered by a 12v driver. Customers looking for compatible drivers can also find these on the Saving Light Bulbs website.

The LED strip can also be switched off or dimmed by a remote control dimmer. Again, these can be found on the company’s website – and some are even discounted.

About Us: Saving Light Bulbs is an online specialist in energy-saving LED lighting. With a vast background of knowledge and experience in the lighting sector, the company is dedicated to providing cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions for their clients. Saving Light Bulbs is proud to work directly with reputable bulb manufacturers to make sure they are supplying customers with products of the highest quality and longevity, also ensuring that the team remains knowledgeable about all their products. The experts at SLB will not only advise customers of the right bulb for their specific application, but will also provide a ‘return on investment summary’, so buyers can estimate payback time on the product.