Announces Grand Opening - Bull Mastiff Style.

From grooming tips to a free dog training course for you and your best friend. dogZ dogZ has something for everyone.

Online PR News – 06-October-2009 – – Whether you are thinking of getting a new puppy, or you think Rover may have an allergy, this site is for you. With plenty of information on dog health, recommended products and even an ask a vet online area. We could say, this site is as big as a Bull Mastiff.

We are looking for dog lovers. "There is an area designated to feeding hungry dogs. This area gives ideas on how people can give back to their own community or an online community of dog lovers. Recommendations about who and where to donate money, or donate time, blankets, or food to dog shelters. Or with just of a click of a mouse, you can feed hungry dogs too.

dogZ dogZ announces its open but still growing. "We have many ideas in the works, from branding the logo, that my mother drew, to having contests for kids, adults and the dogs they love. People love to get there dogs involved. Its good family fun."

Owned by a father daughter team out of Indiana, dogZ dogZ strives to offer some interesting and helpful information to dog owners. Annette and Gerard, or better known as Betty and Barney Bulldog scour the net looking for information that dog lovers will like. Information on aromatherapy for dogs, or massage for dogs. These things are fairly new. They also try to find areas where people can sign up to win free dog food for a year or join contests. On top of that they offer a free training and information course. "Its' just dog gone fun. Dog people are good people, they like to help each other out."

Plans for the future include adding social networking for dog lovers, pictures, video, contests and more. Keep an eye on us, because we are going to get huge!

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