Danainae Announces Unique Pheromone Products For Men & Women

Get lucky. Get Danainae. Choose from a large selection of uniquely scented pheromone products to attract men and women at Danainae.com.

Online PR News – 06-October-2009 – Rock Hill, SC – Scientific studies have been conducted researching the relationship between pheromones and what makes one person attract another person. It has been determined that pheromones are undetectable, odorless airborne chemicals produced by our sweat glands that send subconscious signals to the opposite sex. Unfortunately, they decrease in number and potency as we age. They are removed by our habits of daily showering and wearing anti-perspirants.

Compensate for these lost pheromones with Danainae products. Each scent was developed by Danainae's very own fragrance specialists. All are formulated with aromatic oils valued for their sensually arousing (aphrodisiac) capabilities Our exclusive pheromone line contains fifteen alluring scents for men to attract women and thirty five scents for women to attract men.

Danainae's ultra-concentrated formula is designed to make a noticeable, long lasting impression. Unlike ordinary fragrances, Danainae is oil based and contains no alcohol. Each application will last up to 8 hours or more, depending on your skin type.

Unscented is also available for those who prefer pheromones with no added scent.

Danainae products are available exclusively online. Join our exclusive "Yes!" club at Danainae.com. A “Yes!” club membership allows you to receive special offers and updates on products via email.