AC Aiken Colon Tool Supply / Retrotec Blower Door & Duct Systems Expansion Complete

Aiken Colon Tool Supply (AC Tool Supply, Inc.) has teamed up with Retrotec, the leader in blower door & blower duct equipment.

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Aiken Colon Tool Supply (AC Tool Supply, Inc.) has teamed up with Retrotec, the leader in blower door & blower duct equipment. Used in residential and commercial applications, blower door systems measure air tightness which can be used to audit a building’s air quality, energy use, safety and comfortability.

Blower door technology was first used in Sweden in 1977, as a window-mounted fan was used to test the air tightness of building envelopes. Since then, many advances have been made including the ability to detect window, door and even electrical outlet air leakage. Retrotec’s line of blower door systems includes the R43, Q46, Q4E (in both standard and high-pressure models), the Q5E, QMG three fan system and a full line of duct-testing systems.

Energy auditing is a new and growing field. There are many things you need to know before getting started. One place to start is They offer grants and tax incentives to homeowners who wish to make their homes more energy efficient. This is where you as a certified energy auditor can benefit. You can refer your customer to EnergyStar and create an inspection and building envelope efficiency upgrade, and your customer can take advantage of the grants and tax break incentive programs offered by the government via EnergyStar.

Part of this advancement in energy auditing belongs to the utilization of thermal imaging equipment. At the moment, the optimal thermal imaging cameras for building envelope inspection and energy audits are the Fluke TiR1 thermal imager and the FLIR b60 infrared camera. These infrared thermal imaging cameras have been optimized and built specifically for building envelope, restoration, inspection, and roofing applications, including the most thermally sensitive Fluke model for building envelope diagnostics, the Fluke TiR4 infrared thermal imaging camera. In tandem with the use of blower door systems, energy auditors can use thermal imaging to protect investments and keep buildings in a well maintained, healthy state.

AC Tool Supply has become a fully-inventoried supplier for thermal imaging equipment, blower door & duct blower systems, with multiple affiliations in energy audit systems training certification.

With the proper equipment and training, an energy audit technician can take advantage of this young and growing field. For information regarding blower door systems, thermal imaging equipment, training certification and your applications call (877) 207-1244.

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