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For over 10 years, Sign-A-Rama (North Toronto) has been providing high quality digital banner, attractive car graphics and storefront signage in Toronto.

Online PR News – 26-December-2016 – Toronto, Ontario – For over 10 years, Sign-A-Rama (North Toronto) has been providing high quality digital banner, attractive car graphics and storefront signage in Toronto.

Vinyl banners are very cost effective ways to advertise your business and/or to send a message. They can be produced quickly and economically. There is little limit to its size, you have a huge canvass to project your message.

Banners can be big and small, full color or text only. They can be installed at most places and can be made to be changed regularly, days, weeks or months.

Sign-A-Rama has expertise in designing, printing and installing digital vinyl banners. We can produce banners from 2 ft to 100 ft long. All our banners can be used for both indoor and outdoor.

We have in-house ability to carry out your graphics projects from beginning to the end. You bring us your designs, ideas or sketches and we will provide you with concept designs, revisions and final installation.
Car graphic is another cost effective way to advertise your business. Your vehicles travel tens to hundreds of kilometers on the road every day, exposing your business names to thousands of potential customers. Car graphic can be big and small, single or full color, text only, with pictures or combinations of above. Nicely designed car decals and/or graphics project professionalism and are a very effective ways of attracting potential customers. Even travelling at 100 km, your logo may not register fully to passing car drivers, but the image can leave residual subliminal imprints when your company name appears again in the future.

Sign-A-Rama provides car graphics from vinyl car decals, digital graphics to full car wraps. We can take your project from beginning to end.

Storefront signs are must haves for any business that has a physical location. A storefront sign serves multiple important functions. First it identifies your business and location. It allows customers to know where you are, who you are and what you do. A strategically placed and properly design storefront sign adds great value to your business. It gives your business maximum exposure to passersby and attracts potential customers that may otherwise not know your business presence. There are many criteria, requirements and obstacles for an effective storefront sign. First of all the physical location and size of the storefront sign are of highest importance. Your storefront sign should be highly visible to passersby. In general the biggest your sign the better because size increases visibility. However, due to available space restriction, cost and city by laws, optimal sign size cannot be achieved always. Other ways to enhance visibility of your storefront sign is thru cleverly use of colors and shape. Your sign colors should not blend in with your surrounding colors. It should be in contrast. A nicely designed sign shape could make your sign stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

Sign professionals at Sign-A-Rama can give your sign project a thorough examination, taking in account all concerning factors and recommend the most cost effective way to design, produce and install your storefront sign.