As Auto Parts Announced Special Discounts For New And Existing Customers On This Christmas Eve

Amazing discount offers from AS Auto Parts on this special traditional occasion.

Online PR News – 26-December-2016 – Winston Salem, NC – AS Auto Parts kicks off the biggest Christmas discount for their precious customers. On this most important Eve, AS Auto Parts giving 5% Off on all the used vehicle parts to every buyer.

Free Shipments for the whole month

There will be no shipment charges on this holiday season. All customers can take advantage of this Christmas and they can order auto parts for their vehicles no matter where they live. Now shop for free shipping on AS Auto Parts Stores Online.

Discount on all used Parts

This Christmas is very special for all AS Auto Parts Customers. They are not only getting free shipments, but AS Auto Parts are also giving discounts on used auto parts. Not all vehicle parts are on discounted price. For more details you can visit AS Auto Parts website:

Free coupons

To celebrate the Christmas season, AS Auto Parts is offering special coupons. People can avail these coupons only if they register on the company’s website. You can say this offer is especially for the new customers. After registering, coupons will be sent in the email. These coupons are valid till December 31, 2016.

Discount on reference

If anyone recommends AS Auto Parts to their friends, family or anyone they know, that person can also avail amazing discounts on auto parts.