The Philadelphia Business Journal asks Annodyne's expert opinion on Social Media

Anthony Campisi, President & CEO of Annodyne, Inc., was contacted by the Philadelphia Business Journal to comment on the topic of Social Media.

Online PR News – 06-October-2009 – – The journal approached Campisi because of Annodyne’s vision and experience in the social space and was asked to respond to the question “How are your clients using social media in their branding efforts?”

Campisi’s following response was featured in the journal’s 'On Topic' column this week: “Social media is a funny thing. Most believe they should be doing it, but the truth is that many should not. Sometimes this is a reflection of the target market or marketplace, but many times it is a reflection of the company’s structure, approval processes or ability to allocate resources. Social media is very inexpensive from a media cost perspective, yet very expensive from a time resource perspective — it is in no way 'free.' We do have a number of clients who we have successfully led into the social media space and others who we have dissuaded against it. An organization’s approach to social media should never be ad hoc.”

About Annodyne:
Annodyne, Inc. is a professional services agency focused on modernizing brands and businesses. They provide a full suite of integrated marketing solutions, to bridge the gap between traditional and digital media. Annodyne has partnered with a host of diverse clients, offering Internet business strategy, creative service, and technical execution. Their vision is centered on The New Marketing Economy™, which promotes an Internet-centric marketing model. Annodyne is based in Blue Bell, PA, just outside of Philadelphia.

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