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Online PR News – 25-December-2016 – Leicester, UK – Son of Zeus is a unique online store that offers top quality t-shirts, tops and accessories in under SEASON ONE. The company is hugely inspired by the Greek Mythology of Zeus which is why each of the outfits and accessories offered here are based on some story of this mythology. The company has joined Made in Britain campaign which supports and promotes British manufacturing so that consumers and buyers are able to identify British-made products at home and abroad. The purpose behind joining the campaign is because Son of Zeus is a high end, bespoke manufactured British garment that uses luxury fabrics fused with catwalk trends, high fashion and global culture inspiration to create a “Street-Luxe” prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) line.

Since this online store is a British made brand, the company has collaborated with one of the high-end fabric and knitting mills of UK that is globally renowned for supplying as well as creating customised products all over the globe form brands such as Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood and Comme Des Garcons. Each of the products at Son of Zeus has a story behind its inspiration. Here are some stories that may motivate visitors to buy the products:

The “Grey Long Sleeve” - This particular t-shirt is inspired from “Perses” who was the son of Titans “Eurybia” and “Crius”. The name “Perses” is derived from the Ancient Greek word “perth” meaning “to destroy”. This is why he came to be known as the “God of Destruction” which is justly reflected in this destroyed t-shirt design.

The “Tapestry Print” - The t-shirt is inspired from the “Moirai” (the fates). These were 3 mythological Goddesses Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis. They used to weave “Tapestry” on a loom which dictated the destinies of all mortals from birth to death.

There are many more stories that are associated with all the products at this online store. So, if one is a Greek Mythology enthusiast or simply desires to don on cool, trendy new t-shirts this season, visiting this online store is a good idea.

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