Shirt Studio Corporate, a high-end custom uniform company, has witnessed first-hand a huge shift in the uniform market in 2016.

Online PR News – 25-December-2016 – Greenslopes, Queensland – Shirt Studio Corporate, a high-end custom uniform company, has witnessed first-hand a huge shift in the uniform market in 2016, with more companies than ever before deciding to implement a branded uniform for their team.

Shirt Studio Corporate has been working in the corporate uniform space for six years and whilst business has always been relatively strong, this year, the company has seen a growth of 60%.

Shirt Studio Corporate CEO, Anoop Anchal, attributes the growth to the fact that companies have begun to place significant importance on branding to stand out in a very competitive business environment.

“With social media and digital technologies moving at a rapid pace, the platforms for marketing a company are opening and competition is fierce. Brands are everywhere” said Anoop Anchal.

“More time and money is being poured into branding and uniforms have begun to play a significant role in building a brand.”

“A corporate team is often the first personal touch point for a company and having team members represent the brand appropriately is essential,” he said.

Corporate uniforms are not a new concept – staff have been wearing them for decades, especially in service based industries where team members are client facing.

The recent shift has seen companies in industries that typically wouldn’t be in uniform, looking to create their own uniform brand. Growth industries this year have included property and construction, automotive, insurance, and HR and employment agencies.

Mr Anchal said it’s become increasingly hard for companies to standardise how their staff look.

“It’s very sensitive for HR to say, ‘What you’re wearing isn’t appropriate’. Companies want help. Their staff may not be aware what work attire is suitable for their industry and the brand.”

“Addressing this with staff members can be a challenge if there isn’t a standard or dress or uniform policy they can refer back to,” he said.

The increase in sales for Shirt Studio Corporate has mainly been in their custom uniform range. As branding becomes increasingly important companies are not satisfied with the generic uniform options available to them.

“Our enquiries are generally around wanting to get something custom designed to suit their brand,” said Mr Anchal.

“And this makes complete sense – if branding is so important for these companies, then wearing a generic shirt and suit that every other company has access to isn’t going to enhance their brand.”

“Our custom program means that we work with our clients to understand their brand and come up with a uniform concept unique to their company,” he said.

About Shirt Studio Corporate
Corporate Uniforms are our specialty - catering for small boutique companies right through to larger corporations and franchises, Shirt Studio Corporate has an extensive range of uniform products to suit most corporate environments. Corporate dressing has changed so much in the past few years and there is a place for the 'traditional' corporate dressing as well as an opportunity to 'dress down' the corporate look. Blending the two is where we work best - understanding your needs and creating a unique uniform for your company is what excites us the most.