CHRIS SOUCHACK & ARLYN YOUNG: Bark, Bark, Woof, Woof. Shwoof! a New Media Experience for Dog Lovers

A Radio Station for Dogs and their Owners. A New Unique Media Site for Pups and Pup Lovers

Online PR News – 19-November-2010 – – CHRIS SOUCHACK & ARLYN YOUNG are interviewed on the radio - sink your canines into this puppy! Two strong business women with successful career backgrounds who opened a new and unique company called SHWOOF - a new media experience for dog lovers featuring an online futuristic magazine, with music for people who LOVE dogs; an Internet radio station programmed by legendary radio pioneer Oedipus. The SHWOOF web site has unique dog products, podcasts, the latest news about dogs at ShwoofTails, and an online community at ShwoofBook. Chris Souchack , a Media Maven, has worked with leading companies such as Viacom, Disney, ABC and BriteMedia. Chris is a creative and tenacious sales, marketing, and business development leader with a winning record; she co-founded Chris’ partner and co-founder, Arlyn Young is an ANIMAL LOVER, who’s been an Executive Recruiter for Wall Street, running her own executive search firm for top investment banks for 15 years. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging on CHRIS SOUCHACK & ARLYN YOUNG: Bark, Woof. Shwoof! Listen live on air or now at iTunes.

Deborah Dachinger’s “Dare to Dream" radio show has been featured in Yahoo News, EarthTimes, and Singapore Star News. The show won the “Intriguing Creator” award from YouPublish and a Lifetime Honorary Achievement Award from Elite VIP.