Samit Patel is an experienced Kickstarter consultant, Crowdfunding expert, kickstarter marketing expert and crowdfunding consultation.

Online PR News – 21-December-2016 – London – Samit Patel helps technology and design companies raise money on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter & Indiegogo. He has built up a reputation as a go to guy for anything relating to crowdfunding.

Samit Patel offers a honest approach to an industry filled with confusion and companies that don’t deliver. He offers a transparent service with a level of credibility, he attaches his face to the work he does and tells clients exactly how it is without any sugar coating.

Samit Patel is not a one man band, he has a team of people who he uses to help make sure he doesn’t miss anything. Samit Patel views himself as a growth marketer for projects, he can also work as a consultant overlooking and advising projects.

Samit Patel first realized he wanted to run his own businesses for the rest of his life when he organised gigs in London, it first started as just a way to raise money to fund the expenses of University life but soon grew beyond this. By the time he graduated in 2009 from Queen Mary University London with a BSC Business Management degree he knew he wanted to continue

Samit tried various business in areas of Travel, SEO, Social Media and eCommerce from 2009 to 2015 with varying levels of success. He also got to experience the ugly side of business and met many cheats along the way. In one of his companies he was forced out by greedy investors.

In 2015 Samit decided to forget his ambitions of being an entrepreneur and apply for jobs. The first job ad he saw was for the crowdfunding launch for BLOCKS, he thought this was a really cool project and decided to apply. He got the job soon after and was in charge of building up their campaign. He helped the project raise $1.66 million.

After this he got recommended to his second project, Carv the skiing wearable which was a niche project but by the time Samit was finished he helped it earn $275k which was the highest amount raised by any sport product including running projects.

These successes led Samit to start his own company and he has been helping 100s of projects ever since. Samit has daily calls with startups, his first thought is not whether he can get a sale it is whether he can help them and if it's beneficial for the client to use him. If projects are just aiming for small amounts he provides friendly advice but tells them they can raise the funds themselves. Samit likes to

Samit Patel key highlights:
- Helped raise over $3,000,000 for a number of design & technology projects.
- Advises 100’s of startups free a month and gives talks in London.
- Recommended by Kickstarter, HAX, Hardware Club, HWTrek, JLABs and other accelerators.
- Uses innovation and technology to help projects succeed.
- Believes in honesty above all else when dealing with clients and doesn’t just see them as pound signs.