Notes on keyboards for tablet computers - ePad, ViewPad, Tablet, UMPC and others

Comfort Software Group announces the release of Hot Virtual Keyboard 5.3, an advanced replacement of Windows On-Screen Keyboard.

Online PR News – 21-November-2010 – – The release of the very first iPhone was a kind of revolution, a reimagining of touch control. After all, why should you have to carry a stylus with you all the time if it is much easier to use your fingers on the screen? Next, the iPad appeared, a logical development of the iPhone. Following the iPad, other companies began to produce tablet computers - ePad from Acer, ViewPad from ViewSonic, etc. And now the appearance of the modern tablet computer starts to take shape. Thin, light, fast and long battery life. And what else? The absence of a physical keyboard!

Attempts at using a laser or projection keyboard showed their complete unsuitability in a real working environment. At this stage in the technology development, it is clear that the only complete replacement for a physical keyboard is a virtual on-screen keyboard.

Despite arguments against on screen keyboards, they have at least one unarguable advantage - simultaneous support for all input languages. You just have to switch language to see the keyboard layout for the current language.

Every tablet computer manufacturer tries to produce its device with its own preinstalled on-screen keyboard or with a standard Windows on-screen keyboard. The main reason for this is to try and save money and make the device's retail price more attractive. Very often such on-screen keyboards are of low quality, and sometimes only support one input language.

At Comfort Software we have been developing and perfecting on-screen keyboards for five years. In recent years new inventions have appeared which open up even more potential in this area. According to experts, our program Hot Virtual Keyboard is the best on-screen keyboard for Windows operating systems. Some tablet computer manufacturers have already positively evaluated its possibilities and have included our virtual keyboard in the standard set of preinstalled programs.

What is so special about our virtual on-screen keyboard? Here are some of its specifics: automatic support for all input languages; 60 different keyboards with the possibility of modifying them with your own specifications; ability to control the keyboard from other programs; ability to program the keyboard for quickly performing operations (pasting text, starting a program); word autocomplete and other ways of making typing faster.

But, as the saying goes, seeing is believing. To evaluate the possibilities of the Hot Virtual Keyboard 5.3, go to the page
A demo version is available which is fully functional and is limited only by time.

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