Celebrating SAM Broadcaster Cloud's 2016 Success

SAM Broadcaster Cloud is growing ever since its inception into the market. Why has it proven so popular? Let us explain...

Online PR News – 21-December-2016 – Montreal – Spacial's SAM Broadcaster Cloud software is gathering pace. In 2016, there are now 3.7 million tracks uploaded for streaming, allotting to 33+ years of listening time. That's a heck of a lot of internet DJ material...

New and exciting features have also been added to SAM Broadcaster Cloud this 2016, and have been warmly received by our radio community. To mention but a few:

Various User Interface updates
Added new themes
Allow station listeners to requests their favorite tracks and even dedicate it to someone
Export listener statistics for further processing
Improved fail-over logic to fall back to station playlists or the library
Added Time Zones to history export
Added a Feedback feature so we can create more of what you want to see in SAM Broadcaster Cloud
Added a feature to validate Playblocks so you are sure your station performs optimally
Added Billing and Streaming to Cloud interface to simplify management
Added the ability to sort and search for playlists in the playlists window
Added Leading/Trailing track feature
Added server status indicator to upload screen
Added TuneIn integration
Added a 'Clear History' option
Added 'Playlist Order' playblock option
Added a feature to 'Color Code' different media types
Added a new SAM Broadcaster Cloud Trial system so you can try before you buy
Added a 'Health Report' email system so you always know your station's health
Added a feature to Export and Import Playblocks for easy offline editing
Added a feature to stop broken external relays and email the station owner so your station stay online 24/7
Added a feature to play a pre-selected track when a listener connects
Easily generate playlists from filters and categories
Set your station's Gain for that optimal sound quality

We think you can agree that SAM Broadcaster Cloud has been a great success in 2016 and we look forward to a bigger and better 2017.

Curious about SAM Broadcaster Cloud? Why not take a a free trial: http://spacial.com/pricing/