Get’s Freelance Academic Writing Jobs Online in India in 4 Easy Steps

Registering for the freelance academic writing jobs that are available online on can be done in just 4 fuss-free steps.

Online PR News – 20-December-2016 – Kolkata – India, December 20, 2016: The websites of several freelance agencies have rather complex registration forms that confuse prospective job seekers and deter them from completing the application process. Not only that, many of these sites even require job seekers to pay an amount in order to get work in the first place. is quite unlike them and those looking for freelance academic writing jobs online can register with us in just 4 easy steps.

We are proud to proclaim that has the simplest and completely free of cost sign up in the entire freelance academic writing industry. Students, part-timers, full-timers and even retired individuals are welcome to apply for online freelance academic jobs in India.

To register, one has to follow just these 4 steps-

1. In the first step, one has to visit our website. Here one will see a ‘join as freelancer' button on the top of the page at the right side. Clicking the button will prompt a small registration window, and freelancers will have to fill up all the fields in order to complete the sign-up process.

2. The second step entails giving a test. Here, before being hired, prospective freelancers will be asked to give a simple online English test.

3. Next, they will be notified if they will be notified if they have cleared the test or not. Once they have, hired freelancers can start working with us right away.

4. This is the best step. As soon as they start working, they start earning. There’s no complicated induction process or training required. We always have projects for our freelancers to work on.

Hired freelancers will soon discover that working with us can be very advantageous for them. As already mentioned, they get paid well – Rs 200 to 330 for just 250 words of written matter.

Moreover, they get some insightful tips too on how to improve the quality of their paper and how to cite different reference styles.

That's not all; they already have the convenience of working from their homes with us, and that too during any hour of the day or night. We do not unnecessarily pressurize our freelancers.

Those who want to join our team can pay our site a visit today!