The eToro Blog Now Offers Exclusive Interviews with Top Traders

LONDON and MILAN, 16 November 2010 - In an effort to provide ever more useful information

Online PR News – 21-November-2010 – – LONDON and MILAN, 16 November 2010 - In an effort to provide ever more useful information, the eToro forex blog now brings readers and followers exclusive sneak peeks into the lives of top traders, including personal tips and strategies.

Since its inception, the eToro platform’s official forex blog,, has strived to create a one stop site for all the forex information a trader may require. So far the blog has earned its popularity by publishing concise and relevant daily and weekly market reviews, currency overviews, and useful strategy tips for beginners. has also made an effort to reach out to eToro’s international community of traders by providing punctual forex market info in seven different languages.

Now the eToro blog is taking a more personal approach by publishing one-on-one interviews with eToro’s weekly forex challenge champions. These interviews give readers a chance to get to know eToro’s top dogs and to learn from their winning trading strategies. The new feature is particularly useful to eToro traders since they have the option of following the champion traders on eToro OpenBook after having gotten familiar with them through the interview. Since the interviews expose key facts about the champions’ trading styles, they make it easier for readers to decide which champ’s strategy is closer to theirs and which champ they might consider following on OpenBook. A reminder to those unfamiliar with eToro, eToro OpenBook enables traders to follow each other’s trading activities, see each other’s strategy and even copy trades with the click of a mouse.

For novice traders, these interviews are an especially valuable way of gathering forex trading tips directly from the mouths of the professionals. There’s no longer any need to search through the thousands of illegible articles that the web has to offer. eToro’s champs tell it like it is, all you have to do to pick up some great tips is tune in each week for an interview with the new crowned challenge winner. This feature is yet another way eToro has devised to incorporate the power of community into their traders’ routines. users have much to benefit from this new and exciting source of insight.