Cage Fighting Xtreme Presents ‘Rumble in the Jungle’

Cage Fighting Xtreme, the largest mixed martial arts organization in the Northeast, today announces that it will be presenting one of the most entertaining MMA events.

Online PR News – 21-November-2010 – – The most extreme mixed martial arts event took place in Plymouth, MA. CageFX, which is the largest mixed martial arts organization in northeast, organized Rumble in the Jungle. The event took place in New England on November 13, 2010 at Jungle Plex 8 Natalie Way Plymouth, MA.

Sponsored by Defense Soap, a pioneer in skin and body care and H2 Ocean, a well known tattoo care, this event presented the most exciting mixed martial arts entertainment ever. Rumble is jungle was a big adrenaline rush and delivered the extreme thrill that was promised. A show which offered something for everyone and entertainment across all age groups was a one of its kind event in martial arts.

The Rumble in Jungle event had over 18 amateur events as well as professional fights with myriad martial arts display. The fights had everyone on the edge of their seats bursting with exhilaration. Much anticipated was the fight for heavyweight title between Josh Diekmann and Cody Lightfoot. Also bringing much exhilaration was the fight for Light Heavyweight title between Mark Griffin and Ryan Contaldi. Christian Morecraft is the new Heavyweight Champion while Mark Griffin turned out to be the light heavyweight champion. Many new fighters emerged shining from the event and promise to give their fans many more hours of entertainment.

A pioneering leader in skin care products, Defense soap, has always been at the forefront of such events bringing people never seen before entertainment. The night was full of various vendors selling thrilling gears and products. Many of these products could be won by the fans with their speedy punches and quick thinking on feet events.

Raw, real and uncut entertainment was the key feature of the Rumble in the Jungle and hitherto not seen martial arts exhibition drew thousands of fans from all over the globe.
Cage FX, a mixed martial arts entertainment holds the most exciting and real lifestyle events. Up there with its contribution towards the martial arts is Defense Soap, who not only has the world leading contact sports specialized skin care line but also endeavors to bring such adrenaline pumping events to the fans by arranging them.

The event had all the excitement and thrill that it promised. It was a great mixed martial arts night which did not disappoint any fan who happened to be there.
Do not be disappointed if you missed out on this event, CageFx will bring many such events together in the future. Make sure you do not miss them. Keep track of the events for a lifetime experience. For more Details please visit: