Semi-Permanent Hong Kong, 11-12 March 2011

Semi-Permanent, the internationally acclaimed conference for designers and creative people, will hold its first Asian event in Hong Kong. The global gathering of pure talent, new ideas, conversation and visual splendour will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 11-12 March 2011.

Online PR News – 21-November-2010 – – Semi-Permanent, the internationally acclaimed conference for designers and creative people, will hold its first Asian event in Hong Kong. The global gathering of pure talent, new ideas, conversation and visual splendour will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 11-12 March 2011.

Rock stars of the design industries will take to the stage to share their passion and inspiration, including some of the world’s most recognised creative minds - Stefan Sagmeister, Danny Yount, Industrial Light & Magic, Kayt Jones and 180 Amsterdam.

Simon Velvin, global creative director of Semi-Permanent said: “We've chosen to hold our Asian debut in Hong Kong, a city diverse in design and bustling with culture. Semi-Permanent’s purpose is to explore the exciting world of design by bringing together a panel of exceptionally talented, globally renowned speakers. The event will unite the flourishing Asian design community, inspire individuals and celebrate all design disciplines.”

Jasper Donat, director of expert event marketing company Branded, the Hong Kong-based partner of the event, said: "With huge government and private investment being made into the creative sectors, Hong Kong’s design industries are at a very exciting point in history. Semi-Permanent is a fantastic and rare opportunity for the Asian design community to get together under one roof as a part of an established and trusted brand. Unsurprisingly, we have already received an overwhelmingly positive response from community and sponsors."

Now in its ninth year, Semi-Permanent is a world leading design conference that to date has hosted 26 events in 9 cities, covering 5 countries, with 164 speakers and over 42,000 attendees. It covers all disciplines of design, including graphic design, film, fine art, illustration, web design, interaction design, photography, visual effects, animation, graffiti, motion graphics, stop motion, and architecture, and much more.

Semi-Permanent Hong Kong 2011 will see 12 internationally acclaimed creative minds share their thoughts with the design community in Asia over the course of two days. Surrounding the conference will be a festival atmosphere of inspiring activities and events, including live art and exhibitions, outdoor madness, interactive competitions, installations, workshops and amazing parties (of course).

Speakers include Grammy Award winner graphic artist Stefan Sagmeister ( who has designed for clients as diverse as the Rolling Stones, HBO and the Guggenheim Museum, and is also known for his classic Talking Heads CD box set; multi award-winning graphic designer Danny Yount ( of Prologue Films, one of today’s top main title designers for film and television including Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 2 and Tron Legacy; film company Industrial Light & Magic (, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd, who have swiped numerous Oscars for their groundbreaking visual effects, as seen in Star Trek, Iron Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Transformers, to mention a few; fashion photographer of the year Kayt Jones (, known for her striking cinematic imagery; and 180 Amsterdam (, the creative agency behind the globally successful Adidas World Cup 2010 advertisements.

Semi-Permanent speaks directly to the individual. It is a forum that welcomes all people with a mind open to creative ideas and the wide world of design. Attendees include company leaders, marketers, artists, agency personnel, and designers from all fields. The discounted student prices ensure that the next generation of creative designers are also part of the conversation.

Danielle Huthart founder of Hong Kong’s Whitespace studio (, said: “This global design conference is for anyone with a creative heart and mind. For those working in the areas of design and other creative industries — it’s a festival that brings together individuals with a lot of talent, inspiration and powerful ideas in a fresh way. We're excited. It's about time Hong Kong had an event like this."

Pete Moore from Snakes & Ladders, a long time supporter of Semi-Permanent, said: “Attending Semi-Permanent moves people. It changes their perspectives, builds friendships and ignites people’s passion for design.”

IdN’s Chris Lawrence said: "Semi-Permanent is one of the few conferences left that is truly by the designers and for the designers. We're excited!"

A bit more about Semi-Permanent

Semi-Permanent was born from a desire to unite the world’s design communities with a premium creative experience. Simply put, Semi-Permanent is a weeklong extravaganza of all things design. The main event consists of a two-day conference, featuring 12 internationally acclaimed speakers. Around this conference is a series of satellite events, including exhibitions, competitions, installations workshops and parties – making the overall experience more like a festival than a conference.

Semi-Permanent is held annually in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, as well as satellite conferences in New York and London.

Moving into its 9th year in 2011, Semi-Permanent has become the leading event of its type internationally. Semi-Permanent is highly respected and supported by the cream of the world’s design, art, and media communities. This is reflected in the large amounts of promotion and exposure drawn by the event.

2011 heralds the expansion of Semi Permanent into Asia Pacific with an initial launch in Hong Kong, one of the world’s most stunning, exciting and vibrant cities and home to a massive design community and industry.

“Creativity is essential to our society. Designers and artists themselves are experimental, expressive, and visionary; they are opinion leaders who form trends and styles that go on to pervade, inspire, and inform the population at large. This weeklong celebration attracts exceptionally talented creative individuals from around the world. Semi-Permanent serves to provide these people with a deep well of inspiration and ideas,” said Simon Velvin, global creative director for Semi-Permanent.

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